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Comércio móvel: 4 Strategies to Boost Sales

Any strategy that you pick in ecommerce should be aiming for more engaged customers and a solid increase in loyalty as we previously discussed in the Customer Lifecycle Management post in our blog.

Mobile shopping apps can be very effective sales-drivers that e-commerce companies can leverage when we consider the level of engagement that they offer thanks to the native notifications and reminders that they offer. In particular periods, like Christmas season, your customers are eager to hunt bargains and deals and if you can supply them with what they are after, you can achieve great ROI out of your mobile investments.

In order to get most out of this mobile-shift, a shopping app has to carry certain features that can help to optimize the shopping experience.

Nós ’ lista de ll para baixo 4 técnicas de cruciais e rapidamente aplicáveis – É claro, there are many more to add to this listto help you polish up your mobile commerce strategy:

1 – Daily deals

As we spoke of before, customers are after bargains and deals, and mobile shoppers are much more into them. If they install your app and subscribe to your alerts, this means that, they want you to feed them with direct notifications, alertas de promoção que eles podem pular em. Estes alertas e notificações têm incrível direcionamento e devido a este fato, Eles têm o poder para impulsionar suas vendas. Junto com sua estratégia de comércio móvel, manter um diário operações de negócio e manter seus clientes vem novamente e novamente de volta.

2 – Direcionamento de reconhecimento de local

Aligned with your estratégia de omnichannel, comércio móvel traz a beleza da mobilidade total, Então você pode segmentar seus clientes quando eles estão passando por sua loja. Mais uma vez, aqui é um incrível poder de segmentação, because with location-aware targeting, you can deliver your message to a customer who is just a few steps away from your products.

3 – QR codes

Fun is a crucial part of e-commerce, and here in our case, of mobile commerce. Shoppers love using QR codes to unlock goods hidden behind them. So using QR codes as a part of mobile commerce strategy can boost customer engagement.

4 – Seamless mobile checkout

Checkout is the last step to be taken by your shoppers, Então, better take of it. In mobile commerce, make sure that it is as brief and seamless as possible so you do not let them drop away and abandon their carts at that very last step. To maximize your mobile commerce sales, you can also incorporate personalized product suggestions to the users of your apps.


As mobile commerce now drives almost the %50 of the total e-commerce traffic, it would be too bad to ignore it and not spend on that strategy to get most out of it. When there are many easy to implement techniques like the ones mentioned above, it’s not wise to miss it out. With such robust growth in mobile commerce, move on and start offering daily deals, implement QR codes, location-aware targeting, and a seamless checkout and enjoy the great ROI promised by the mobile lands.


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