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How to Dramatically Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rates with Drip Emails

An ecommerce business owner,  you should be quite familiar with cart abandonment rates, as it is a major concern that impacts their business revenue. Cart abandonment signifies a customer choosing to shop, adding some products in the shopping cart and then abandoning the process right before payment. According to reports from Shopify Plus, as of …

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What Are the Benefits of Competitor Price Monitoring Software Over Manual Price Tracking or Developing Internal Systems?

The entire e-commerce market is becoming saturated. Meaning, now more than ever consumers can choose where and who they purchase from. They make these decisions by being able to access the web and the wealth of knowledge it contains to conduct research. So, if one of your main objectives is to keep up with your …

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How to Apply an Effective E-Commerce Pricing Strategy for Any Type of Business?

Is the e-commerce pricing strategy the key business topic to focus on all marketing, advertising and profitability plans? The answer is yes and no. But for sake of simplicity, we will examine first the option of yes. What is really an effective e-commerce pricing strategy? A brief but vital mention of required statistics of global …

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