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iPhone 8 Preços: Uma pesquisa em 31 Países

Como você deve saber, Apple introduced the new version of iPhone on the 12th of September 2017. Após essa notícia, Nós procuramos os preços de todos os iPhone 8 – 64GB na 31 países e comparou-os com os outros.

Também, Encontramos o PPP(PIB per capita por ano) de cada país do Banco Mundial, e dividido os preços do iPhone 8 – 64GB to PPP to understand how easy/difficult it is to buy the phone in those countries.

Além disso, we discovered the gross minimum wages of some of the countries and calculated how much working hours do they need to work to buy the phone.

Por último, we compared the prices of the phone with the current prices of iPhone 7 – 32GB para ver as diferenças entre 31 países.

You can find the insights from the SlideShare below:

Key findings

The United States of America has the lowest price ($699) and Brazil has the highest ($1259) for the phone among 31 países. The average price is ($918).

Besides USA having the lowest price, when compared with price per country with GDP per capita, Luxembourg seems to have the cheapest price for the phone. Among 31 países, South Africans pay the highest price in comparison to GDP per capita.

When compared with the gross minimum wage salaries of the countries, Australians work the least (62 horas) and Mexicans work the most (1650 horas) to buy the phone. Australians work 1.47 weeks and Mexicans work 41.25 weeks to own the phone. That is almost a year for Mexicans 🙁

When compared with iPhone 7 – 32GB it’s clearly seen that the difference is lowest in Sweden and New Zealand and highest in the UAE and Russia.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our research and gained some valuable insights. Please let us know if you want any other research similar to these in the comments section down below.


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