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Étude de cas: Comment Babygear doublé ventes est l’une des meilleures entreprises au Danemark à la maman&produits pour bébé du marché et dans ce post, Nous partagerons les détails de leur voyage de Prisync. La compagnie a débuté ses opérations en 2009 comme une société spécialisée dans les produits de bébé et des enfants comme des jouets, équipement de voyage, vêtements, accessoires, meubles, etc..

The founder of the company explains their company philosophy with these words on their site:

As a customer, you are our basis of existence. C’est pourquoi, it’s important that you get a good experience every time you shop with us. It must be easy, informative and inspiring to shop in our store. Our product catalog must contain only good products. Your ordered items must be delivered on time. We must be present and guide as well as provide service both before and after you have traded with us. If you need to contact us, our customer support should always be by phone or email.

Jesper Brejning, Founder of

Dans cette étude de cas, Jesper Brejning shared a lot of information in terms of their Prisync journey and we’ll look at them in detail and hopefully, they can inspire you for your own Prisync experience.

Avant Prisync

Jesper says thatWe didn’t track our competitorsprices before using a tool for this purpose because it’s almost impossible to do this task manually“. This should sound familiar to you if you’re in a competitive e-commerce area becausemanual competitor price checkingis very time-consuming and labor-intensive work. “Puis, we wanted to automate this process because the market is getting aggressive day by day and we have some product groups that we need to be competitive to sell to the customers“, says Jesper. The interesting point is that has started using a tool which is one of Prisync’s competitors but because of some certain reasons they decided to continue with Prisync and let’s check these main reasons in the next part.

Pourquoi Prisync?

One of the most important reasons for us to switch to Prisync is their Magento integration and this extension’s capabilities. With Prisync’s Magento integration, we’re able to re-price our products automatically based on the pricing rules we could set up under Dynamic Pricing module. This surely changes the things a lot for us. We’re setting up the rules and then sitting back, then Prisync is changing all the prices as downwards or upwards. Their integration also lets us change the prices underspecial price attributeand this helps us show that we’re really discounting our prices for our customers. The previous tool we used was not able to do this but Prisync is just working fine in this context as well“, says Jesper.

According to Jesper, there are two main reasons to choose Prisync: “Prisync provides the best value compared to their subscription fee and as a business owner, this is also important for us. D'un autre côté, their crawling quality is really good and they don’t get blocked easily. So this makes sure that we’re getting the data we need from them“.

Après Prisync

Comme indiqué plus haut, is using Prisync’s Magento integration and changing their prices dynamically based on the pricing rules they have. This is a kind of automation that every e-commerce business dreams about and it, Bien sûr,it boosts the sales and profit margins if you set your prices smart. According to the results Jesper shared, they have doubled, 100% augmentation, the sales of a specific brand they’re tracking with Prisync. This is surely a sensational increase and it’s hard to do the same for every brand you track. Cependant, it’s certain that tracking your competitorsprices and changing your prices smart will surely increase your sales.

Jesper also says thatWe had some product ranges that we couldn’t sale that much and we decided to track these products as well with Prisync. N’est pas surprenant, we realized that we were setting our prices wrongly in the market and Prisync helped us see this. Puis, we changed them according to our pricing rules and now we can see the sales from these products as well”.

Prisync en une seule phrase

When we asked Jesper to summarize Prisync in one sentence, he answered thatPrisync is the best solution for Magento stores“.


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