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Conversion Optimization: 5 Ways to Improve

You have developed your SEO strategy, secured a nice position on Google, received a respectable number of visits on your website, but people are not taking action on your site. This could be a nightmare but we are here to help, and we want to give you some tips to improve your website’s conversion rate.

Before we start, let me stress that you should apply these tips as soon as possible. Do not wait for your SEO strategies to give results. Your website can be optimized from the beginning to increase your customer flow.

1- Set the objective

Each page in your website should have an objective. If you have an online store, the primary objective would be sales. But don’t underestimate the importance of other objectives, for example, building your brand. The About Us page should be optimized to build both your brand and your customers’ trust. A blog is useful in getting people to discuss your brand. Blog posts can encourage people to visit other more sales-oriented pages of your site, as well as subscribe to your site and share information about your brand in social media.

2- Make it easy

Once you have a clear objective, make it easy to achieve. Put a highly visible call-to-action button (not a hyperlink but a real button) in the page asking your visitors to subscribe, share or buy. The process of the action should be smooth. If you want them to register, make the form as short as possible. If you need a lot of data, divide the form into 2 or 3 steps by categories: first personal data, second bank data, third choosing a deal. Always keep in mind that the register form should be as short as possible. If one person signs up on your website, he or she is probably planning to return, which is great news. The person can provide more information next time, and for now you have achieved the first objective: he or she to accept your newsletter. Then, the objective in your newsletter will be to encourage the next step towards a purchase.


3- Visible calls to action

Ideally you should have three calls to action – the beginning, middle and end – each of them being accurate for the context in that room of the webpage. Don’t be afraid to ask for it directly with sentences like Buy now! Or Subscribe by clicking here! Remember that people click more in images and buttons than in link texts, so use them well.

4- Give reasons to buy

Offer more information for people who want it. It is a very common thought that copywriting or the art to write to sell should create short texts. But this is not always the truth; text should be as long as needed to get the sale. So if you feel that some users would need to read more, give them such information. Be sure to emphasize the primary reasons to purchase your brand first and then follow with the details. Put first the main ideas that boost purchases of the most general public and then the details that will help the most reluctant prospects to buy.

There are two major factors in increasing sales:

Subjective factor = People’s opinion: In order to build your brand image and customer trust, you can use testimonials to show the prospects how your product or service have helped others to solve similar problems.

Objective factor = Price: If you show your customers they will get the same value for less, this will be a determining factor to buy. We can help you with that with our price tracking software so you will always be aware of your competitors’ prices.

You can also read here about discount strategies you can offer.

5- Learn from your experience

Honestly, this is the most important one. Try things and see what works. Nobody will know your customers as you will do after working with them for a while, so see what products, pages and adverts are most effective and look for the points they have in common. If something works, do not change it. If something doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to try something new.

There are many ways to attract online shoppers to your store and convince them to buy from you, rather than your competitors and surely another major criteria is pricing.

In order to offer smartly competitive pricing by automatically tracking your competitor prices, you should better give Prisync’s competitor price tracker a chance!



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