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3 Stunning E-Commerce Pricing Stats in Largest Countries

E-Commerce and online shopping are always changing and evolving upon the needs of online customers. That’s why e-commerce retailers are always chasing for new strategies and tactics to be one step further from their competitors. Among various strategies, prices are becoming one of the most important factors that affect consumers buying decision.   

As Prisync, we were curious about the general price situations of different sizes of e-commerce stores from the largest e-commerce countries – in terms of volume. By using our competitive intelligence technology, we’ve looked at how many ecommerce websites in the largest e-commerce countries change their prices daily, how high the stock-out ratio is in these countries and the ratio of prices ending with .9.

All these e-commerce pricing stats are collected from the prices that Prisync track and based on actual prices.

Daily Price Change Ratio

Our data found that French retailers are quite active if we are talking about the daily price changes. %5.92 of prices from France are changing every day which is higher than the other 6 countries’ average that is measured to be around 3 percent.



Stock-Out Ratio of Online Products

All of the countries showed in the graph are below the global average of the global average stock-out ratio (15 percent). As you can see in the graph Canada showed a great performance with 4.5 percent.



The Ratio of Prices ending with .9

This is a fancy data for every e-commerce involver. %33.31 of Canadian prices end with .9 such as $4.99 or $7.59. This data shows us Canadian retailers are keen on using the power of 9 while attracting online shoppers.




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