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YouTube Marketing: How to Use it for E-Commerce


Video marketing is one of the biggest trends in the Internet. E-commerce market is one of its adopters as well. People are more interested in watching a video than reading reviews, product descriptions or look up e-commerce businesses. This brings us to our topic of this week, YouTube. YouTube is one of the most active platforms for watching videos and marketing. E-commerce businesses can use it to create high conversions and even higher engagements.

YouTube is creating new trends and new notions. The celebrities we used to follow are not just movie stars or famous chefs they are YouTubers who create various types of videos. The uprising trend of YouTubers is definitely changing the way we live. We enjoy watching their videos for fun, information or just for learning new things. These changes are great for the e-commerce market as well since it provides a new frontier for marketing and visibility of your brand.

YouTube has over a billion users which constitutes the one third of the Internet community. It can reach a big scale of age, gender, location or language segments all over the world. It is actively used in computers and mobile gadgets. It is the perfect platform to reach people and that is why it is very suitable for the e-commerce market.

There are two types of advertisement options that YouTube provides when you watch a video. One of them is in-stream which is an advertisement the users have to watch in order to reach the video they want to watch and the other one is the videos users can skip. Advertisements which can be skipped are visible for the first 5 seconds. If you are using the in-stream videos you are guaranteed to display your product or brand but when your video can be skipped this leaves you only 5 seconds to impress your audience. It is important to start with a catchy phrase or an interesting image that will make people want to see more. Since the users are not seeing your video because they prefer to but they are seeing it to reach the video of their choice. Remember the old MTV ads which were designed especially for a short window of time where people would see while they swap between the channels. When you have little time to work with you need to be interesting and out of ordinary. That is what made MTV one of the best channels ever.

Another way to create more conversions through YouTube marketing is the YouTube celebrities a.k.a. the vloggers. You can get in touch with them and ask them to introduce your products in an interesting way. Vloggers are considered as inspirational people today. Teenagers look up to them, adults enjoy their ideas and perspectives. Their job is based on engagement and their communities are huge. If you are an e-commerce business which deals with makeup related products you can become the sponsor of a popular vlogger on YouTube. If you want to deal with it in a less expensive manner you can also ask them to have a product view for your business. You can do this by asking them or you can also send them promotional products which can make them review your products because they want to. Another thing you can do is to build your relationship in a mutually benefiting manner. You can display your vlogger’s review on your channel or have mutual videos which can be fun as well. Vloggers are popular because they are not completely unreachable celebrities and they display their ideas on a more personal level. People can feel like they are listening to a friend when they are watching a vloggger on YouTube.

Another way to actively participate in YouTube is to open your own channel. You can produce videos about product reviews, product descriptions, your company, pr events or online contests you have. You can create engagement by asking your followers what product to review next or introduce your online contests through YouTube and get participants apply through liking or commenting on your videos. Some e-commerce businesses also like putting videos that displays what kind of a work environment and members they have and how much fun they are. A video from Pixmania which is a consumer electronics based e-commerce business. The company members are performing a lip dub video which is fun to watch and it also influences the business image positively. You can also display fashion shootings if you are an apparel website. People would enjoy watching the models from close and also seeing your clothes on them.

When you are producing videos for YouTube there are a few things you need to consider. Firstly, make sure that your videos are not too long. Make them short. According to an analysis, videos under two minutes get more views. If you are going to open a channel you need to be committed to it. It is important that you provide your audience with videos on a regular basis. It is no different than other social media platforms when it comes to periodically posting new content. You can also use annotations which are subscription buttons that appear over the videos. You can set them in a way which can be fun and get more engagement out of it too. In order to have ads on YouTube you can just use Google Adwords for Video. Since YouTube is owned by Google this process is easy to manage. Remember to spread your videos on YouTube through your other social media accounts.

YouTube is a great tool for your marketing strategies if you are in the e-commerce business. You can engage with your customers easier and in a more personal level through their favorite vloggers on YouTube or you can create special content on your channel which will definitely create a very sympathetic brand image. What are you waiting for? Let the camera roll!


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