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E-Commerce Products: How to Design a Product Page

On average, only 23% of a website’s traffic comes from paid channels, while 33% comes from organic. No matter how much you spend on ads, paid traffic alone won’t be enough to boost your sales revenue. Both to increase organic traffic and to improve conversion rates, online retailers must offer a seamless and enjoyable sales experience. One important stage of a perfect purchasing journey is a well-designed product page. If you’re ready, it’s time to learn everything about a consumer-friendly product page.


I don’t need to explain to you how product images are vital for an online store, but I can give you a few tips on how to display perfect visuals on your product page.

Suppose you saw CHLOE’s Rylee snake-effect leather ankle boots on Instagram, you loved it, and you want to have it now.

You know it’s a lucky day when you see a good discount, but the thing is, you’ve never had a chance to try it on. Well, the discount tells you to buy it now and you’ll have to imagine how it will look like on you.

This is where quality visuals come in.

First of all, you would like to zoom in to check the quality of the material. Thus, you need visuals in big sizes that can be zoomed in.

High Quality Visuals

Well, you liked the material, now you wonder how it will look like from different angles. Photos from various angles would be great, but a video will provide much more accuracy. The more accurate you present a product, the less likely it’ll be returned. Many retailers offer product videos that will significantly reduce their return rates.

Video Content On Product Page

If you sell fashion products, you must have learned by now that young people are becoming more and more aware of body positivity. Not everyone can be 6 feet tall and weigh 113 pounds at the same time. As a 5.1 feet person, I know by personal experience how hard it is to shop clothes online. It’s really hard to make an accurate estimation of how a product will look on you. The same applies to weight as well. To improve your business in terms of body positivity, work with models that have different heights and weights.

Body Positive Policy

Product description

No matter what type of products you sell, a detailed product description is a must. Let’s find out why.

Customers expect a seamless shopping experience. They want to know every piece of product information but they don’t want to make any extra efforts. An online store must provide a detailed description of the materials, usage, and other defining features of a product.

Product Details

Don’t use complicated sentences. Offer a simple guide even for products with sophisticated technologies.

Call to action buttons (a.k.a. CTA buttons)

Make effective use of CTA buttons. They improve your conversion rate by guiding customers through their purchasing journey.

An ‘Add to Cart’ button must exist on every product page, close to the price information and the product picture.

If your product is out of stock, you can make use of ‘Add to wishlist’ or ‘Receive notification’ buttons that’ll invite customers back to your store when the product is available again.

CTA Buttons

Product reviews

Review sections are necessary for any online store. Even before purchasing a product in-store, 36% of customers read reviews online. The experience of one customer is a reliable source for another.

On top of that, you too can benefit from the review sections. It gives business owners the chance to make improvements, learn about where do they make mistakes and build a trust relationship with customers. How?

Customer Support

Look at how this brand’s customer support team handles the issue at hand. Rather than ignoring the negative review, they open a conversation with the customer with the aim of solving the customer’s problem. Other customers know that in case of a negative experience, the team will be taking care of (or at least try to take care of) their problems too.

Recommended products

Offer customers related products for two reasons.

First, they might want to purchase more than one product they want to use together. Let’s say you sell consumer electronics. A customer wants to purchase a camera, and she also needs a case to carry it. Rather than searching for the case, she should be able to see it as a recommended product. Recommending it reduces the chance that she’ll look for it on another website, or not look for it at all.

Secondly, the product customer displays at the time might not be the exact thing she’s looking for, and one of the similar products with nuances can be the right one.

Recommended Products

Final Words

In this post, we’ve shared our knowledge on how to design a product page. To improve UX, you must offer:

  • High-quality photos and videos
  • A detailed and informative product description
  • Useful CTA buttons
  • Product reviews that you’ll spare the time to answer
  • Related products to help customers decide

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