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E-Commerce Products: How to Write a Good Description – Part 2

I have mentioned the importance of writing a good product description in one of my earlier articles. When you think of a product description, it comes pretty straight forward. Describe your product with its physical aspects and functions. However, this much mechanic talk is not the key to stealing the hearts of your customers.

As I always say:

  • Know The Customer!

When you write a product description it is possible to lose your angle while trying to address everyone. Use a less formal language and call your customers “you”. Then get personal and have a conversation with them. Yes, you heard it right. Ask them the questions they would ask and answer them right after. To create a more conversational piece of information will make the shopping experience resemble a face-to-face sale. In this case, it is important to know your customer to use the words they will like. If it is a younger generation the use of words can be more “hipster” or if it is a sports fan who will examine a sports product the use of words can be related to sports terms.

  • Show Them How Cool You Are

People will get impressions about your company culture while looking at your product descriptions. Your language can show that you are serious and corporate or it can make you their funniest best friend. For example, if you are selling lingerie, don’t talk about its size or fabric only. Create a vision in their mind. And play their best friend. Your description text can use phrases like “Specially designed to drive boyfriends crazy” or “was elected the key ingredient to spice up relationships by Swiss science men”. Another example can be presenting an electronic toothbrush by using phrases like “Produced to create the greatest smile ever”. Share a fun moment with them.

  • Don’t Underestimate A Proper Presentation

Your product description page should include photographs, videos, easy to read the text. Make sure to have good photographs. If you are selling shoes put a girl’s photograph wearing them so people can imagine how the shoe would look but also put a photograph of the product itself only. When you present your product in a video make sure to show some occasions where people are happy to use that product. Also, your text should be easy to read. Use bullet points, different font sizes and colors to divide the text into easily readable pieces. Here is a video example for e-cigarettes.

  • Show Them The Perks

Your products turn into your children after a little while and you are proud to talk about all the things they are capable of. But the problem here is people are more interested in themselves than the product. So play with this. Show them the perks of owning that product, how it makes their life better and easier. Tell them how long the batteries go, how it relaxes them and how it purifies their skin. These sorts of perks are what people are interested in. They don’t want to learn what sort of a chemical ingredient is in their anti-aging cream. They want to hear that they will look 10 years younger thanks to the cream. Try to think from their perspective.

Lucille Ball Quote Product Description

All in all, if you follow these ideas you will win a place in your customers’ hearts. But of course don’t forget the basics of a good product description which are SEO optimized texts, social media promotions, campaigns and many more details which I mentioned in my earlier articles about turning your potentials to conversions follow theis steps1, 2, 3.



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