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Weekly Ecommerce News: 29 April – 5 May 2016


Hello to all e-commerce enthusiasts around the world. Another busy week washes over us while we keep on working. It is time to get that coffee break we have been looking for to go over the news of the e-commerce world and catch up. Let’s start!

  • Apple has experienced the first drop in its sales by 13% and profit by 22% in more than a decade. Apple has last experienced a drop in 2003’s first quarter. This financial bump was not expected but you know what they say. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Hopefully this is not it. Learn more about it here
  • Mother’s Day is just around the corner! 8th of May will host many exciting e-commerce campaigns and there is no wonder it will be interesting. As we have mentioned earlier in here, Mother’s Day is a great day to launch new campaigns, increase engagements, and increase conversions through big discounts or last minute deals. Prestashop has prepared an infographic guide on Mother’s Day for e-commerce businesses. Enjoy it right here


  • Social Media Marketing is what everyone keeps talking about. It increases your conversion rates, creates engagements between you and your customers, provides useful data about your customers, and builds you a brand image online. We have decided to start with the basics and work our way down. Social Marketing 101 for e-commerce businesses! Learn more about it here
  • Mobile commerce or m-commerce is showing an upward performance in the sector. There are many trends to follow as we have shared with you earlier in here. There are also threats that come along with this growing area. The bars have been raised and challenges of m-commerce keep increasing. Learn more about it here


  • This week our guest blogger is Samir Palnitkar who is the president of ShopSocially, a platform that deals with social, referral and loyalty aspects of e-commerce for online retailers. Customer loyalty in e-commerce requires businesses to engage with their customers. Rewarding the customers for their frequent engagements is a key approach to accomplish loyalty. Samir shares his insights and experiences with us about how to boost our e-commerce loyalty programs. Learn more about from here
  • Consumers are not happy with the hard purchasing processes, unsatisfying shopping experiences and, they want more. According to Ovum and Criteo’s Future of Ecommerce report, there are clear trends that will haunt the e-commerce sector in the following five years. Check it out from here
  • Alibaba is starting of IPOs of 50 Chinese online merchants. The e-commerce leader Alibaba is setting up a department to assist large online retailers on preparing their initial public offering of stock. Alibaba will offer financial, legal and operational teams’ assistance in the process. The e-commerce giant is everywhere! Learn more here


  • Apparel e-commerce has become the top category by surpassing computer hardware category. This increasing trend keeps some tips hidden in it. Customer experience is one of them and it is important to translate the brick-and-mortar shopping experience to online. Virtual fitting shops, cross-selling, up-selling, and even fashion advisor shipping crews. There are many ways to follow and it is a hard to create the perfect tip. Learn more about it here
  • Purchasing options change every day. Online retailers offer cash-on-delivery, PayPal, credit card payment etc. Another purchasing method to add the list is through your TV. Samsung checkout system allows customers to use their web-connected televisions to make purchases online. Customers will be able to shop online just through a click. Learn more about it here
  • Salesforce has launched its cloud based CRM program, which combines Lightning framework and mobile app building, Government Cloud Lightning for government agencies and federally funded Research and Development centers. Learn more about it here

Catching up with the e-commerce news ensures your sector knowledge and position.

Another thing that ensures your position in the sector is good prices.

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