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Weekly Ecommerce News: 14 – 21 January 2016

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Dear ecommerce folks,

The Prisync team has brought you the freshest ecommerce news of the week! This week’s main topics are mobile commerce, omnichannel experience and shipping issues.

We’ve been talking about omnichannel experiences often lately. This experience is well appreciated by the customers but as the research shows retailers are failing to offer the omnichannel experience.

The same research tells that 85% of the customers are using retail apps on their smartphones. This is a huge number! And Macy’s head of digital technology, Yasir Anwar, embraces this trend in mobile shopping. He says providing a frictionless experience would create brand loyalty and returning customers. He also emphasizes on the need of omnichannel experience.

Japan also follows the mobile commerce. Some other research in Japan shows that people use their smartphones 17.9% of the time engaging in ecommerce.

IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index’s findings showed that online sales increased by 11% in 2015. However, they also say that the reason for such growth is due to mobile commerce’s growth of 42%. Burberry also reported that mobile was the main factor in their web traffic.

Well, people do not use their phones to shop only. The same research we mentioned in the beginning says that 97% of the customers take their smartphones with them when they are physically shopping. This is not a surprise. We all take our phones with us everywhere. However, the retailers have started to use this information to implement their their beacon strategy.

Beacon strategy is basically using mobile phone’s location information to send the customers notifications when they are near or inside the shop. Belk’s beacon-powered push notifications has resulted with higher customer engagement Beacon technology seems to be a good way to attract passing customers by notifying them about shop’s promotions.

While it seems mobile and beacon technology is the future of ecommerce and retail, 40 experts in retail have predicted the future of shopping. In this infographic you can find their predictions. But basically, they are thinking that a shop must listen to their customers’ needs, and that omnichannel matters.

Another factor to consider is shipping when handling an ecommerce business. As internet shopping is increasing shipment needs are increasing as well. Shipping has increased in China by 70% in 2015. And Amazon has been trying to solve this shipping problem by creating their own shipping company. Also Amazon has another solution for its sellers called dropshipping. As a seller, you send your items to Amazon’s distribution center beforehand. And when an order arrives Amazon ships the product itself. With this feature, Amazon is planning to increase the territory of Amazon Prime. We will see how it goes.

We, Prisync team, are happy to deliver news on ecommerce. We will be delivering more ecommerce news and tips next week as usual!

These were few of the important news of the week that we wanted to share. If you want to follow the news more frequently you can follow us on Twitter where we share news on ecommerce regularly.

We’ll see you next week!

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