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Weekly E-commerce News: 17 – 23 June 2016


Hi there e-commerce folk! Hope you are having a good week. We have many things to share with you! We are aware of your busy schedule. So here is the weekly e-commerce news for you!

  • StubHub continues to simplify the ticket purchases and create a better experience in it. A new and very cool development of StubHub is enabling customers to view the areas of events. Users will be able to do it by sliding the mobile phones to virtual reality goggles and turn their heads to see the area. This way they will be able to choose the seats according to their placement. Brilliant isn’t it? Learn more about it from here
  • La Redoute, which is one of the biggest fashion e-commerce businesses in France, is launching its Chinese website! Learn more about it from here


  • As an e-commerce business owner or as a beginner in the sector, it becomes important for you to utilize all of the developments and technologies available to you with a variable budget. This situation is something that can affect your decision over e-commerce platforms as well. There are many things to consider while choosing the best fit for your business. Your business size, budget, IT team and many other things are factors to take into account. Learn more about how to choose the best e-commerce platform for your business from here
  • Twitter is a rich platform for engaging with your customers. Engagement can become more important in situations of dissatisfaction. Utilizing Twitter to correct the situation and recover the experience of your customer is pointed as a very useful way for airlines. Learn more about it from here
  • India’s e-commerce sector has been on the rise since the smart phones became widespread. India has about 100 million online retail shoppers. If you are interested it would be practical to know about it. It is stated that cash on delivery is the dominating payment of the sector. There are heavy discounts and mobile commerce is rising. Learn more about it from here


  • Social media marketing is very important for e-commerce businesses. This week we have provided you with Tumblr marketing strategies that may be helpful. Tumblr has many perks and it is a different form of social media with the benefits of a blog. Utilizing that will enhance your online presence, brand awareness and customer engagements. Learn more about it from here
  • Instagram reaches 500 million users which puts it in competition with Snapchat. Learn more about it from here
  • Twitter has launched a video app that enables its users to post videos up to 140 seconds. It is called Twitter Engage and is available in App Store for now. Considering the increase in video streaming this looks like a good decision. Learn more about it from here


  • This week our guest blogger is Irina Weber from SE Ranking will share her ideas and insights regarding content creation. Creating different types of content, which Irina explains, is crucial if you want to gain a higher ranking for your website and gain more leads. Learn more about increasing your CTR, traffic and higher rankings from Irina’s experience. Here it is.
  • The electronics giant, Samsung, has invested $1.2 billion in Internet of Things startups and researches in United States. Learn more about it from here

Keeping up with the latest e-commerce news is beneficial for you to learn about the latest developments.

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