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E-Commerce Netherlands: Top Influencers to Follow

Social media is a great communication tool and it has become one of the best tools to learn about any topic in which you may be interested. To finish with this series of blog posts about e-commerce in the Netherlands, we publish here a list with the Top E-commerce Influencers to Follow in the Netherlands on Twitter.

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We try to share the ones whose followers number is more than 1,000. And we are ready to hear your favorite ones, if we miss someone to add.

Here is the alphabetical order:

1. Annelies Verhelst

She is working as SEO marketer at and usually tweets related to SEO combined with her personal thoughts and experiences.

2. Antal de Waij

He usually posts about social media, especially Facebook. He has more than 37,000 followers and is the founder of He worked in the development of Digitale Televisie Distributie in the Netherlands and is an expert in everything related to ecommerce and communication.

3. Benholewijn

He manages a recruitment agency named specialized in startups. He doesn’t publish much original content, but retweets a lot of interesting posts also related to ecommerce.

4. Bram Barendregt

Leader of ModusLink, a supplier of e-commerce solutions, Bram tries to share e-commerce news every day.

5. BrandPit

Behind this funny name there is a marketing agency that targets e-commerce businesses.

6. De Nieuwe Zaak

They define themselves as experts in omnichannel e-commerce and publish news about everything related to the business.

7. Dutchento

Magento community in the Netherlands. A good resource for help about Magento in Dutch.

8. Ecommerce Foundation

Ecommerce Foundation helps companies to improve their ecommerce activites worldwide. They share tips about everything related to marketing an e-commerce business.

9. Ecommerce News NL

A version of E-commerce News Europe for the Netherlands. Great source of news.

10. Frans Ariaans

He is the owner of – one of the ecommerce store groups in Nijmegen.

11. Guido

He is a conversion manager specialized in making websites better achieve their objectives. Guido has a background of cognitive psychology and scientific methods which he uses to optimize customer experience. He is also the founder of Dutchento.

12. ICTRecht

They offer legal consultancy about online business. This Twitter account is a must-follow for everyone interested in the Netherlands e-commerce sector and in technology in general.

13. Ingrid Schipper

Partner of She publishes about marketing trends, customer experience and much more.

14. Jem Hale

A process owner for LeaseWeb, a hosting provider company. She is personally interested in e-commerce and is an expert in customer retention.

15. Jeroen Beltman

He is especially interested in mobile, but he publishes about a lot of things related to the Internet, ecommerce and online world.

16. Jurjen Jongejan

Specialist in e-commerce stores’ conversion rate optimization.

17. Lot Keijzer

She works for IBM interactive experience in Amsterdam. And also she has a huge knowledge in e-commerce sector.

18. Marsha Ong

A web shop manager for Philips in the Netherlands, she shares a lot of news and comments about e-commerce.

19. Mascha Tamarinof

Marketing manager of Evident – B2B digital agency. She shares tweets related to ecommerce also.

20. Meet Magento

An international European association about Magento, they share news, tips and insights about this e-commerce platform, including specific posts from the news about the Netherlands.

21. Michel Schaeffer

He is the ex-CMO of – Benelux’ largest and most popular online retailer. He focuses on his publications in e-commerce and online business.

22. Okke Amerongen

He is the e-commerce manager of

23. Peter Jaap

He is the owner of elgentos e-commerce solutions and a Magento-certified developer, he publishes about the latest trends online.

24. Remko Reinders

Regional Vice President, Services at EMEA-North at Salesforce, he shares tweets about technological news and e-commerce also.

25. Rogier Zimmer

He is the head of digital and ecommerce at Omega Pharma, he posts about e-commerce, social media, technology and the Internet.

26. Sander Bredewout

He is the manager of, he is definitely someone to follow, since this business is an online grocery store, a segment that has an impressive growth potential in e-commerce in many countries .

27. Sander Mangel

He is the co-organizer of MageStackDay, an expert in Magento and a developer.

28. Suzan Eikelenstam

She works at She is an expert on two perspectives of e-commerce : B2C and B2B, and shares interesting posts.

29. Thomas R. Stegelmann

He is the ecommerce manager of Denham Jean Maker, his Twitter account is an example of what one can do with e-commerce topics. He promotes their products in a way that highlights value in every post.

30. Ward van der Put

He is the CEO of StoreCore, he shares news and tips about websites’ usability. He is also the author of many books related to web development.

31. Yorick Voorthuijzen

E-commerce marketing specialist at Tomorrowmen and also blogging for

32. Zakaria Amlal

CEO of Gracious Studios, a marketing agency, he posts about news related to the online marketing world.

By following these experts, you will get a huge amount of value and information, but if you want even more, you can visit our post about the global top influencers in e-commerce here. Do not hesitate to come back and read our blog in the next days, because we will continue to offer you as much information and insights about e-commerce as we can.


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Thank you for featuring me in this blog! I will try to live up to the huge responsibility to keep tweeting sensible things about e-commerce 😉

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