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Are you aware of what happened in e-commerce? Weekly News: 11 Nov – 18 Nov

Hej e-handel anhängare! We are approaching very exciting dates for e-commerce. Black Friday is around the corner and all participants in the market are getting ready. Are you too? We will publish a post about how to prepare for it next week. But now it is time to know what happened last week in this exciting world!

  • Singles Day wasn’t the only event this last 11 Nov. In Indonesia the e-commerce business Lazada launched the Online Revolution Day, aiming to reach a similar success to Alibaba with the Singles Day. Läs mer här.
  • 61% of UK retailers think Black Friday is not profitable. The sudden increase of volume and the need to offer high quality service results in higher costs. Läs mer här.
  • On the other hand UK shoppers love it, and more than 26% of shoppers plan to buy something during Black Friday. Läs mer här.
  • Chinese buyers are not happy with delivery services when they buy from abroad. 67.7% say delivery times are too long and 16.9% say there is not a legitimate way to return or exchange purchased goods. Läs mer här.
  • Traditional ads in newspapers and magazines are decreasing in China while Internet ad spending is rising 24% in Q3 compared to the same quarter in 2015. Läs mer här.
  • 70% of buyers choose to pay in cash for their online purchases in India. This is something hard to solve for e-commerce business, especially now that the government has decided to demonetize RS 500 and RS 1000. Läs mer här.
  • The China packaging sector is facing fierce competition that is reducing margins and profits. Läs mer här.
  • In the US, package carriers are increasing in order to satisfy the increasing demand of e-commerce. Companies like FedEx and UPS are working to offer the quickest service. Läs mer här.
  • Citibank offers mobile payment. Due to the growth expectation of this method of payment, they have decided to offer this new service that will allow their customers to pay online in online stores with apps just by using their Citibank user ID. Läs mer här.
  • Business Insider offered their readers an interesting analysis of what Donald Trump winning could mean for e-commerce. Läs den här.
  • Mohamed Alabbar, Saudi sovereign wealth fund and other Gulf investors announced the launch of an e-commerce site in which they have invested $1 jarder kronor. Though at first they want to focus on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, their objective is to become an important world player in the near future. Läs mer här.
  • The Government of Nigeria is working on a legal framework for e-commerce. You also can read our report about Nigerian e-commerce here.
  • Did you know that online retail penetration is just at 3% in Southeast Asia? Forbes’ contributor Bain Insights analyzes that market in this interesting article.
  • Mobile money and payment through mobile devices are the future of e-commerce in Africa. This is what eCommerce MoneyAfrica Confex is about. Visit their site here.
  • The important e-commerce platform in Nigeria ng will try to take advantage of this by promoting products made-in-Nigeria. Läs mer här.
  • Zalando’s quarterly sales rose 17.1 percent and they forecast them to come in at the upper end of 20-25. Läs mer här.
  • We found this interesting article about how Singles Day changed the world of marketing agencies in China.
  • Excited about the holidays approaching? Practical Ecommerce has published some valuable tips to get the most out of your ads during this hard-selling period. Read them here.
  • Also in Prisync we talked about Konkurrenskraftig prissättning intelligens: Vad är det för vem? and in the guest post we had Justas Markus giving us 3 Praktiska Dropshipping Tips för nya e-handel återförsäljare.

We hope you enjoyed reading this. We did when gathering the information and writing the article. Som ni kan se, e-commerce is progressing every day. From technology to new customer taste trends, this business asks for changes almost every moment. Next week we will come back with more tips, news and insights about e-commerce, so don’t hesitate to come back to our blog to read about this awesome business sector.


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