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Veckans e-handel nyheter: 24 – 30 December 2015


Kära e-handel folk,

Brunn, Det är bokstavligen i slutet av året, och så, den slutliga weekly ecommerce nyheter och tips digest vi delar från vår blogg, för 2015.

Så, Låt oss ta tid igen att sjunga för sista gången : “Åh, vilket år det har varit!”

Boom i mobil handel, widespread understanding of omni-channel retail, more sophisticated applications of customer segmentation and lifecycle management were the major topics, that kept ecommerce professionalsminds quite busy in 2015.

Så, for the last time in 2015, let’s deep dive once again to dig in what the last week of the year dropped into our radar of ecommerce news and tips:


Bad weather back in US, literally stormed down the shopping spree of Christmas at the delivery level. Delivery delays have piled up across the country due to the storms and it seems that it will not stop at an instant or so.

Retailers are also suffering at varying extents from another headache caused by the Christmas shopping rush. It’s returns. As more and more retailers push ‘free returnspolicy as a marketing strategy, the boost in online sales also causes unmanageable levels of increase in returned products.

Faktiskt, these bad news or let’s say signs of negativity should be actionable learnings for the retailers, when they again gear up for other holiday seasons. Both issues (delayed deliveries and excessive returns) prove that ecommerce is a ‘journey’ spela, and a purchase is not completed before it’s been received by the shoppers safely and in pleasure. Leverans – despite being a completely unsexy subjectshould receive more and more interest from ecommerce professionals in 2016.

Notes taken down? Så, let’s weather the storm and move on with more positive vibes.

Internet Retailer has shared an interesting piece with a comparison of holiday season performances of several retailers and the list shows Amazon at top, with Nike also taking its part in the list.

Nike, i själva verket, had a brilliant year of ecommerce, thanks to the fact that fashion got much more sporty in 2015, and shopping got more and more online. The figures showed that Nike boosted its online sales by 50% back in the last year.

Another interesting data regarding the holiday shopping, came from Verizon last week. Enligt Verizon Retail Index, online shopping traffic increased at around 25-30% above the average.

E-handel (1)

On the exact same subject (online shopping traffic), Förra veckan, we published a piece on the various sources of ecommerce traffic, and which channels provide how much traffic with their associated performances. Sociala (and especially Instagram and Pinterest) proves to be the most engaging channel, where direct and organic traffic still covers the most of the traffic, from a quantity perspective.

These days of the year are quite fruitful when it comes to gathering strategic ecommerce tips to share here on our weekly digest. Och, one of the brilliant posts we picked for you in that respect is from the content geniuses over at Shopify. Shopify Team compiled a list of their Topp 10 articles of 2015 from their blog and it’s definitely a must to read.

We know that, some ecommerce folks reading this are already gearing up for their January operations and just for them, we think this piece on content marketing ideas for January 2016 is worth checking out.

For longer-term thinkers, we thought, some SEO resolutions might also help them with their future holiday planning in 2016.

Slutligen, knowing that ecommerce market is wildly dynamic and catching up with it through various sources of information is a must, we rounded up a list of ecommerce blogs to follow in 2016, i Prisync blogg.

It had been a great year folks!

Thanks a lot for being with us, sharing the vibes of ecommerce.

We’ll be gathering up the freshest ecommerce news and tips for you throughout 2016 further, and hope to help you take the right steps while growing your business.

We wish you a great new year, full of joy and profits! 🙂

Profitability is the key for sustainable ecommerce growth, and it’s actually quite achievable when the ecommerce game is played well-calculated.

Prissättning is a major factor in profitability, and as it also defines your margins, it also defines how well you are going to perform in a such a wildly competitive landscape.

In order to achieve sustainable profitability, monitoring the online market prices dynamically along with your internal unit costs of your products är ett måste.

Prisync is here to help with you, just for that!


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