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Veckans E-handel nyheter: 15 – 21 Juli 2016

Asian woman reading newspaper

Hej det e-handel gemenskapen! Hoppas du mår bra och din verksamhet fungerar som det ska. Vi vet att du har trånga scheman och enorma att-göra-listor. Så, Vi vill ge dig en kort cover på denna veckas näthandel nyheter. Njut av!

  • 17th of July was the #WorldEmojiDay. Many brands have used Twitter to celebrate it. How was the effect of it? Läs mer från Här
  • Google is trying to use artificial intelligence to gain more shares in the cloud market. The company will use it to automatically handle angry customer calls which can lure out some customers from Amazon or Microsoft cloud services. Läs mer från Här

Kenya's e-commerce market report and online retail report.

  • As you know we, som Prisync team, enjoy exploring new markets every other week. The latest trends, customer behavior and structural needs that can help out e-commerce entrepreneurs are our main interest when we produce these pieces. This week we are looking at Kenya, an African country, which has many surprises in its e-commerce market. Let’s take a look at its increasing growth and learn about the reasons behind it. Kontrollera Här
  • Marketing consultancy firm Tenet Partners have announced 2016’s most powerful brands. 10 e-commerce companies out of 20 have outranked Amazon. One of them was eBay. Läs mer från Här
  • Social media platforms have become our new habit these years and it seems like TV is out. According to this report, purchasing decisions are also more affected by social media than TV. Läs mer från Här

Affiliatemarknadsföring är en viktig metod för att öka din e-handel företag försäljning.

  • Som ett e-handelsföretag har du många kanaler för marknadsföring som kan bidra till din försäljning. En av dem är affiliate marknadsföring. Att lägga till denna metod till din marknadsföring strategi kan göra ditt företag gott. In this piece we decided to go over the basics and check out new methods that might benefit your business. Läs mer från Här
  • Rimmel, the makeup company, has gone into mobile. The company is using 3D real time makeup simulation in its new app Get the Look. Läs mer från Här
  • Pokémon Go is still in the headlines. The augmented reality and change of style in playing a game was a few of the factors of this popularity as well as its popularity as a cartoon. Many local businesses found ways to utilize its popularity to their advantage. Här is how…

E-handel Business

  • E-commerce security is a head scratcher for many of us but it is still the most important part of the business. Since the technological advancements are at a higher speed than us mortal humans we advise you that you develop a secure e-commerce business. It takes several steps such as choosing an online platform, training your employees, hiring a professional etc. Check out our basic guideline to secure your e-commerce business from Här

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