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5 Shopify Apps to Boost Sales and Increase Retention

When you’re running your Shopify store, you should be thinking about the various ways you can boost your sales.

After all, who doesn’t love increased sales?

But with all the different tactics you can apply, it’s hard to know what to prioritize.

And one the great benefits of using Shopify is the wealth of external apps you can use to help you improve all aspects of your business.

In this post you’ll learn:

  1. How to use repricing software to find the optimum price point
  2. Why you should consider your existing customers when it comes to boosting sales and marketing
  3. How you can use discount apps to help boost sales
  4. Why you should target abandoned cart customers as a priority
  5. How chatting to customers could help you convert sales

Let’s go

Boost sales by improving pricing

One of the best ways to boost sales for your store is to think about how you price your products. Price them too high and you could turn customers away, and if you price too low you either present your product as a commodity or you don’t generate enough revenue to run your business successfully.


There is a range of Shopify apps for repricing, but we go without saying we should talk about our own product.

Prisync, for those who are unaware, is a competitor tracking and dynamic pricing software that allows you to track your own (and your competitors) current and historical pricing.

If you run a Shopify store, importing your products is as simple as one-click. Once you have your Prisync app set up, as soon as you add a new product, it’ll automatically be added to Prisync too.

Using this sort of tool helps you boost sales because it allows you to set smart pricing rules. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, algorithms can establish the optimum price point for a product at any given time.

Increase sales by working with existing customers

It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. That’s why you should think about people who have already bought from your Shopify store and put a strong focus on them.

Think about it, if they’ve already purchased from you and provided you with positive feedback, there is a strong likelihood they’d be happy to do it again.

And the truth is — if your customers loved your product, they’d probably know someone else who would love it to. What better way to please your customers by giving them a reward and making them look good?
A referral program turns your customers into advocates and salespeople for your store. They get a referral reward for each friend they refer to your store, their friend tries out a new product, and you get a new customer for your store. Plus, some truly motivated customers could become super-referrers or mini-influencers, promoting your brand on their social media to their following.


ReferralCandy is a referral app for Shopify stores. You can set up in minutes and allow your customers to start referring their friends and family. Each customer gets their own unique referral link and landing page, which you can customise with your brand images and their template editor.  

ReferralCandy also lets you customise both friend offer (the offer for the new customer) and the referral reward for your customer: you can choose between store coupon, custom gift or cash payout.

The real impact of ReferralCandy is to give your happy, loyal customers the little nudge and incentive they need to start sharing with their friends, communities and social circle.

One way to increase this chance is to employ a customer loyalty programme. Shopify loyalty programmes are a great way to provide an incentive for customers to keep spending their money with you.

But loyalty programmes are not just about generating more money for your store, it’s a way to build customer advocates who are happy to talk about your store and share your products with their friends – without you asking. is an integrated Shopify loyalty app. The aim is to give back to your customers through discounts, special offers, and free products. For your business though, your customers become more valuable as their LTV (lifetime value increases as they spend more money with you.

The great thing about is they operate on a multiple loyalty system. You can opt for a loyalty points program, referral program or VIP program. This way you can pick the program that works best for your company and customer.

Shopify Apps to Boost Sales Loyalty Program

Letting your customers know how much they need to spend in a certain time frame before they move to a specific tier is a great way to keep them hooked on the loyalty scheme and encouraged to spend more.

While the main app is free, there are paid add-ons you can use once your business reaches a certain point.

Discount strategies to increase Shopify sales

When shoppers buy products online, one thing they love is receiving discounts. Please note, that discounts don’t always mean low quality.

Although some stores avoid offering discounts because they want to maintain a premium brand image, for most stores, it makes sense to use discounts to boost sales.

Coupon Pop

Coupon pop is a discount and coupon Shopify app that helps increase store conversion rates. It works by pre-defining a promotion. This could be anything from a set discount on a specific product, a sale on all products, free shipping offer or even a VIP offer. When a customer lands on your site at the time of the coupon offer, they’ll receive a prompt to join a social network of your choice or join your mailing list in exchange for the deal.

Shopify Apps to Boost Sales Coupon

You can also customize your coupons based on the style of your store.

It boosts sales because customers who are eligible for the offer are more likely to purchase a product as they know they’re paying less than they normally would for it.

Keep in touch with potentially lost customers to increase sales

How many times have you, as a consumer, added things to your basket on an online store and neglected to finish the transaction?

Probably lots of times.

This process is known as cart abandonment. If you can cut down the rate of cart abandonment you stand a good chance in boosting your sales.

There are a range of ways to tackle cart abandonment from sending emails to using social pop-ups to retargeting.

Cart abandonment

Abandoned cart order recovery is a Shopify app that keeps track of instances where a customer might add products to their basket but fail to make a purchase. It boosts sales by tracking your lost revenue int abandoned cart orders with the view to retarget these customers through automated emails.

Shopify Apps to Boost Sales Abandoned Cart

The app provides you with a dashboard to help better understand what types of customers are most likely to churn and abandon their cart.

Communication is key

How do you communicate with people who land on your website? If you buy products in a brick-and-mortar store, you’re able to speak with store clerks and ask questions about pricing, products or anything else you might like to know.

Online, though, this concept is much more difficult. Often people will avoid making a sale because they have questions they’re unable to answer and sending a message to customer support often feels long-winded due to slow reply times.

Instead, think about adopting a chatbot app onto your Shopify store. A chatbot allows you to have some sense of communication with your customers.

You can pre-programme specific responses based on what your customers most like to learn more about.

For example, if your customers all ask about shipping times, it would be useful to train your chatbot to be able to answer any and all questions regarding shipping.


Gobot is a Shopify chatbot app that allows you to build a deeper connection with your website visitors. When you integrate this Shopify app to your store, you’re able to interact with your potential customers in a whole new, personalized way. You can use this app to help answer common customer questions, find the perfect product, boost store sales or collect customer feedback.

shopify apps to boost sales chatbot

Using their intuitive chatbot conversation builder, you’re able to guide customers along with a whole host of personal conversations based on the types of customers you attract.

Final thoughts

In this post, you’ve learned a range of different apps you can utilize within your store to boost sales. Here’s another tip if you want 22 examples of referral programs on Shopify stores.

Whether you choose to use a chatbot, offer your customers coupons or discounts or even start using a loyalty programme, there are a whole host of ways you can boost your sales by using Shopify’s integrated apps.

Think we’ve missed an app out?

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