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Еженедельные новости электронной коммерции: 29 Октябрь – 4 Ноябрь 2015


Люди дорогие электронной коммерции,

Теперь, November is here, and the year-end is almost there.

На прошлой неделе, e-commerce market was again full of interesting news like Ebay’s sale of its enterprise unit or the very recent launch of Twitter’s sweet like button, and again many great contributions from experts or bloggers worldwide.

Так, without losing any time further, let’s deep dive into our weekly e-commerce digest.

Еще одна неделя, another drone delivery launch in the newsGoogle announced that it plans drone deliveries in 2017.


Four months after its split from PayPal, Ebay completed the sales of its enterprise unit включая, many e-commerce folksfavourite company, Magento., Марк Lavelle, the CEO of Magento stated his excitement in a letter posted on the company’s homepage : “This is a day that supporters of Magento have long awaited. And it is a day our competitors have long feared!”

The rumor had been in the air for a long while, but this time we got the news. Amazon is opening a brick-and-mortar store in Seattle, under the name: Amazon Books.



A fresh report from IDC showed that tablet sales are losing ground to big smartphones, and more interestingly to light PCs.

PracticalEcommerce gathered a nice list of 5 Problems Small Ecommerce Retailers Could Face in 2016. Competing on price tops the list of problems. (We are quite excited about 2016 as Prisync Team and ready to solve all such problems about price competition.)


Big subjects like SEO are oftentimes hard to sum up, but folks at Shopify are quite good at hard things and posted a nice checklist entitledEcommerce SEO Checklist: The Fundamentals and Best Practices to Rank Your Site“. Another great thing that you could find around the waters of Shopify is our competitor price tracking app listed in their app store. 🙂

Many thanks for reading up.

Оставайтесь с нами, and keep on following our fresh posts during the week.

We wish you another great week of e-commerce,

Увидимся на следующей неделе,



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