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Тематическое исследование: Как Landberg спас время

Клиент: Landberg.dk

Landberg.dk is a Denmark based e-commerce company which is operating in the automotive industry by selling spare parts, Автомобильные аксессуары для своих клиентов. Продукты, которые они продают не требуют глубоких технической информации и могут быть классифицированы как “сделать это самостоятельно” Продукция.

Landberg.dk находится на рынке 11 лет и 100% e-commerce business that really pays attention to their customer service operations to keep their customers always happy which is very crucial for today’s business world! Landberg.dk is also the only company in Denmark that has a direct connection with Philips’s website as a reseller of their products.At the moment, they have 50K monthly visitors and the number is going up day by day. В этом исследовании, Jannie Skov Larsen who is one of the owners of the company explained their story with Prisync.

Jannie Skov Larsen, one of the owners of Landberg.dk

Problems before Prisync

Before we started using Prisync, we were spending really a lot of time to track our competitors’ цены,” said Jannie. It’s clear that Landberg.dk was having difficulties to track the market prices manually as it was really time-consuming and labor-intensive work. She also said thatWe were spending almost 2 days to get our competitive data for just 200-300 products and this was an unmanageable process as the data points we gathered at the beginning of this work were becoming out of date when we came to the end of work”.

Jannie has also mentioned that they don’t want to be always cheapest as their customer service really adds value to their business and they wanted to track also price increase trends in the market to keep their profit margins up.

Почему Prisync?

When we asked their reasons to choose our service among the alternatives, Jannie said thatTwo things were really important for us: Easy to setup-use and the possibility of further integration via API and Prisync has met all these requirements for us”.

Results after Prisync

We’re now able to track about 600 products in just 5 min without any manual intervention. It really helps us take our pricing actions immediately instead of waiting for 2 days to gather the datasaid Jannie. The amount of time that they saved is really dramatic and the person who was responsible for price tracking is responsible for other tasks now. We’ll also build the connection via API between Prisync and our internal systems to make our price changes automatically in the near future thanks to the Dynamic Pricing Feature and this will increase the automation in our processes.

Prisync в одном предложении!

Jannie says thatWith Prisync we can really be effective running our business instead of looking at our competitors’ ценообразование!


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