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Е-коммерция блог: Начало новой эры

We’ve thought over and over if we should start an e-commerce blog. It turns out that our team has not only a strong case about starting a blog marketing-wise but more importantly has shown me that it isn’t about us anymore. Так, in terms of breaking it down to a more emotional level, we’ve weighed the happiness score when we’ve brought in a new customer over when we helped someone out and all the time the winner was helping someone out. The internet, Электронная коммерция, and our existence are all about helping each other out. Life is much better for everyone this way.

This spark was enough for us to start anyways.

Так, undeniably in a global economy, местные рынки по-прежнему важны в значительной степени. Несмотря на то, что электронная торговля является полем цифрового бизнеса, geographical borders do exist, and local market dynamics are in effect.

Поэтому, чтобы действительно понять мир электронной коммерции, one needs to have a global understanding of the market, но также должны быть глубже ноу-хау и знаний о конкретной страны или региона.

We are now launching our new blog under the name of Prisync with global and local market dynamics in mind. In the following days and years, we will be covering e-commerce markets from different countries and will focus on the insights that are specific to the respective market. We plan to provide reports, general and specific pricing strategies, noteworthy e-commerce news, and other tactics that anyone can try out for their store easily.

Первый пост серии идет вверх на следующей неделе, we hope you will enjoy reading our e-commerce blog and if there’s anything that you’d like to add, please write to us in the comments section.



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