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Как успешно конкурировать лучше с конкурентом инвентаризации в электронной коммерции

Будучи один шаг дальше от вашей конкуренции требует, чтобы всегда быть на пальцах, зная, что они до теперь и далее. Когда вы знаете, ваши конкуренты потенциалов, недостатки, и действия, Вы можете лучше прогноз, как они будут инвестировать, и какова будет их последующие шаги. Поддерживая этот драгоценный разведки в вашем кармане, positioning your business towards competition will be much more effectual and help you to gain a seamless competitive advantage. That’s why we are keeping to create competitor focused articles addressing different areas of e-commerce. Теперь, we thought it is time to expand our insights by defining how to outsmart the competition by adopting competitor inventory tracking.

Benefit from your competition by using knowledge of their steps to stay one step ahead. Maybe now, you are asking yourself how to do it and gather the competitorsinventory information. You’re lucky as you landed on this blog. В этой статье, you will find out how easy it can be managing competitor inventory tracking in real time and what kind of decisions that you can take to steal from your competitors.

Давайте начнем!

1- Detect stock-out products of competitors and improve your margins.

Competitor inventory tracking is undoubtedly straightforward through competitor intelligence software. You can track your competitorsinventory as out of stock or in stock. You can see a quick preview of inventory information from competitors through Prisync.



Let me explain the dashboard quickly. You can see three different e-commerce retailers selling these lovely egg cups. Under the stock column, there are three small boxes. The one which is not filled means this product is out-of-stock and there is no product remaining from that retailer which is addressing houseoffraser.co.uk. You can continuously filter the products by selectingOut-of-stockoption and see instantly which retailers are out-of-stock and get the real-time data from the market.

Поверь мне, that’s all! Isn’t it pretty easy? Правильно?

Now let’s go through with what kind of actions that you can take to improve your business.

If you want to purchase a product online and can’t find many options, you perceive the product more valuable. Поэтому, готовность платить больше за продукт значительно увеличивает. That’s the psychology of consumer!

Let’s mix the science with marketing. If an online shopper is searching for these egg cups for her mum’s birthday and detect that it is out of stock on one of your competitors. (Imagine you are a seller on amazon.co.uk) Вы угадать, кто следующий?

Да! Вы будете следующей двери для этого онлайн покупатель.

Что делать, если вы обнаружите, что ваш конкурент продукт является складе заранее? Существует множество вариантов. Так, Если вы можете обнаружить продукт фондовых вне вашего конкурента, возможность продавать его будет увеличиваться немедленно. С уверенностью, что разведки, можно задать более высокие цены, которые помогут вам откармливать вашей прибыли.

2- Detect stock-out products of competitors and steal from your competitors.

Besides of increasing your profit margins, you can also steal from your competitors and grow your customer base with the help of competitor inventory tracking.

Realizing the stock-out product means a great opportunity to attract new customers. The logic is same as the case on above. If an online shopper is not able to find a product from your competitor then the chance of putting her hands in the pocket for your product will extremely increase. Так, focusing on that product and investing your marketing budget specifically for that product will be a smart move.

Так, next question is; what kind of actions that you can take?

Boosting the potential product in paid channels like Google AdWords, Facebook will make it visible and prominent in where your audience exists.

  • A well-focused campaign with targeted landing pages, you can make sure that each visitor is likely to be interested in the products you are selling. Кроме того, as the product is available just in your online store, convincing them to purchase your product is inevitable.
  • You can create remarketing campaigns for visitors who have checked that product page. Таким образом, чтобы, you can remember them you’re the only seller of the product.
  • Send emails to the audience who has left that specific product on the cart.
  • You can run social media ad campaigns to attract more users to the product page. When they compare your product with competitors’, they’ll realize you are the only one in the market.

Также, by getting the advantage from that opportunity, your business will have a great perception in customersmind. Whenever they are ready to make online shopping, your e-commerce store will be one of the first places to visit. Вкратце, you’ll achieve to build a customer loyalty.


3- An healthier competitor analysis with Competitor Inventory Tracking

Competitor inventory tracking has also other benefits in terms of market and competitor analysis. The information of stock-out product will be a great indicator of the best performing products of competitors. It would be a wise assumption if you detect the stock-out product from the competitor and mark it as a key competition product.

Так, you’ve detected the best-performing products from the competition. Next step should be analyzing the marketing moves of that product.

  • You can start with monitoring the social media campaigns made specifically for that product. Which platform are they using? Are they using image-oriented strategy? Авторитетов? Instagram or Facebook shop?
  • Track both organic and paid keywords, try to understand how to beat them on search engines.
  • Monitor the contents made by competitors.
  • Detect the promotion seasons made by your competitor on that product. Try to be competitive during the same season.
  • Analyze the price history of the product. Learn price positioning among all players in the market. Are they setting the lowest price? Average? Highest? Are there any specific times of making huge discounts? Prisync provides a comprehensive price history in order to help e-commerce retailers to understand market and competition situation.

Not only you are able to make a better strategic decision, you can also have a better understanding of your customers.

Inventory tracking has a great impact on e-commerce success and provides competitive advantages for smart online retailers especially when a competitor runs out of stock on the key in-demand products that consumers would happily pay a premium for. That’s why we’ve tried to give quick smart tips to be more competitive in e-commerce by adopting competitor inventory tracking. Please do not hesitate to reach us if you have any idea about that topic.





Feature image source: http://www.uberebayshopdesign.com/ebay-out-of-stock-now-live-on-uber-lister/


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