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Розничная приложений: Can Businesses Afford It?


Мобильная торговля растет. Люди становятся все более уверенно в использовании их мобильных устройств для покупок. И теперь клиенты не только хотят мобильный сайт, но они также хотят мобильных приложений магазинов. Это на самом деле необходимо иметь приложение? Или это будет пустая трата ресурсов?

Your potential customer is sitting on his couch, watching TV at night, and suddenly he realizes that he wants to buy a pair of sunglasses. He saw some nice ones on TV, then thought “The pair I own is pretty old. I should check some new styles online.” He starts browsing the web on his phone since he can’t be bothered to get his laptop which is in some other room of the house. He finds a nice mobile site to shop from. He sees on the top that there’s an app for the shop. He downloads the app and checks the sunglasses. He likes some of them. Maybe he buys one pair.


Then the next week he realizes he needs to buy a shirt. Колодец, he had downloaded a shop’s app just last week. And he was getting notifications of promotions. Without having to mess about on the internet looking for shirts and cheap prices, he knows this shop offers promotions and he already has easy access to it. So for him it would be easier to check the app instead of finding another shop that sells what he is looking for at prices he can afford, and downloading their app if they have it. If you were offering a bug-free, seamless experience on your app here’s your frequent visitor!

This example is not necessarily valid for that specific person. Many people are looking for easier ways to find products that they like for cheap prices and within easy reach. And they don’t want to search for cheap and easy-to-use websites while they are trying to enjoy their limited free time.

В research in the UK shows that 85% of smartphone users use retail apps. И 49% of them really like that they are informed of the offers and promotions. И 45% of them said they loved the loyalty scheme.

Just like the guy in our example 65% of UK uses these apps at home. And they are more willing to download the app if

  • Это бесплатно (74%)
  • It enables them to browse and buy products quickly and easily (43%)
  • It complements the offline and online shopping experience (41%)
  • It gives продвижение on the product the customer wants to buy (40%)

The smartphone use is growing everywhere. Декабрь 2015 исследования shows that 17.9% of internet users in Japan have been using their mobile devices to shop online instead of using their computers. And now only 44% of the population is using smartphones. This rate is expected to grow every year which creates a need of more mobile friendly shops or retail apps for that region.


Let’s go to Brazil from Japan. Online shoppers in Brazil are using smartphones and tablets more than PCs as the report shows. Mobile device usage grows very fast, and the need of apps and mobile websites is increasing much faster. So ecommercers must see this need and work on their Мобильная коммерция стратегии.

Хорошо, apps are great for customers. But will they always use the app you’ve worked (paid) so much on? 23.1% of mobile device users use mobile apps over websites. But in the end, as users we don’t want to waste our phones’ memory space. 19.6% of the users said that they would prefer mobile websites over apps. The number seems small but 32.5% of the users use both website and the app at different times.

Besides the memory concerns, there is a bigger issue in mind of customers. Это ’ s безопасность problem.


When a user learns about a security problem related to the retail app, 52% of them tend to delete the app, и 38% из них, как правило, прекратить использование app. 21% пользователей также будет оставить негативные комментарии и предупредить друзей, чтобы не пользоваться app. Вы можете найти Подробнее об этом здесь исследования.

Короче, Клиенты хотят, чтобы вы

  • У
    • Безопасный,
    • Ошибка бесплатно, и
    • Бесплатно приложение
  • Что обеспечивает
    • Совместное оффлайн и онлайн опыт покупок
    • Личные предложения для клиента
    • Быстро и легко доступ к вашей продукции

Так что если вы хотите идти в ногу с тенденциями, которые клиенты хотят от магазинов, и увеличить ваш трафик, а также ваш коэффициент конверсии, она может быть хорошей идеей, чтобы начать думать о иметь app розничной торговли.

С или без розничной приложений, Вам всегда нужно лучшие цены на рынке по привлечению посетителей.

Как Prisync команда, Мы уже помочь электронной коммерции компании всех размеров со всего мира с их онлайн цены, помогая им автоматически отслеживать их конкуренты.

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