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Партнерский маркетинг: 6 Удивительно, советы по электронной коммерции

Интернет-магазины использовать все виды тактики для получения новых версий и преобразования, но никто из них не оказался столь успешным, как аффилированного маркетинга. По определению, Это рекламная модель, где компания выплачивает компенсацию для сторонних издателей для генерации трафика или приводит к продуктам и услугам компании.

Другими словами, you pay someone else to promote and sell your products. You might be wondering whether it really works or not, so here are just a few of stats to prove our point:

  • Почти 40% of marketers call affiliate marketing one of the top customer acquisition methods
  • 20% of publishers’ annual revenue is generated through affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing makes 58% higher annual revenue than other marketing channels

This marketing strategy is obviously profitable, so now the only question is how to exploit it and grow your sales. В этой должности, we will show you six surprising ways affiliate marketing will transform your E-Commerce business.

1. Customized Target Audience

The first benefit of affiliate marketing is that it allows you to precisely target the audience and reach exactly the type of customer you want. You have full control over this process, so there are no random activities of any kind.

In practice, it gives you the opportunity to target specific locations, возрастные группы, and user interests. You can distinguish between prospects not only in terms of products they use but also based on the specific features and individual characteristics.

The affiliate marketing technology is already so advanced that it can almost separate target users who like their coffee with or without sugar. In such circumstances, affiliate marketing becomes much more effective and it can guarantee a long-term sales increase.

2. Raise Awareness and Boost Loyalty

If you choose affiliates properly, you get the chance to raise awareness and boost customer loyalty. Прежде всего, affiliates will help your products or services to gain exposure to the new audiences, expanding your reach and online visibility.

E-Commerce specialists at ProEssayWriting say that customer loyalty is another important benefit of affiliate marketing: “Almost all affiliates – social influencers in particular – have a solid fan base consisting of dedicated followers. These people trust affiliate recommendations and tend to try products suggested by influencers.”

But this is not a one-time benefit as you can expect at least a small portion of followers to become your regular customers and perhaps even convert into brand advocates. This process usually takes months of work with other marketing techniques, but affiliate marketing makes it much faster.

3. Find Social Influencers

We mentioned social influencers above, but they deserve a place of their own on this list. What makes them so important? Колодец, it seems like over 80% of consumers are influenced by product reviews in their buying behavior.

Finding the right influencer, you can get closer to the target audience and drastically improve sales results. But you have to choose wisely because influencers need to resonate with the vision and style of your brand. You can do it by conducting a simple Google search and using the most relevant keywords in your niche.

But there is the other way, слишком. The Internet is flooded with all sorts of tools that search and compare social influencers. Some of these apps are all-around players, while others are focused on one or two social platforms only, so feel free to test them and find the one that suits your business needs.

4. Promote High AOV Products

If you want to make the most of your affiliate marketing campaign, you should concentrate on products with higher average order value (AOV). Сюда, every purchase will generate more profit and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Однако, AOV items usually require additional incentives to attract customers. You can give them the extra push by offering discounts for first-time buyers, Бесплатная доставка, or minimum spend discounts. It all depends on the nature of your business and the products you sell, but the only thing that matters is to give the target audience one more reason to make the purchase.

5. Seasonal Shopping

Another way to make the most of your affiliate marketing campaigns is to coordinate activities with seasonal sales. We strongly encourage you to create a calendar of события that includes the likes of Cyber Monday and other highly important shopping dates. These are the days when you can sell almost everything, so try to focus on items that don’t have such a speedy rotation throughout the year.

Doing so, you can clear out the inventory and get ready for the next sales cycle. Besides that, you can use the opportunity to promote new products or services because you can reach out to more users who are willing to spend money and test new items.

6. Enhanced Budgeting and ROI

Affiliate marketing is great because it allows you to handle the budget more rationally and improve ROI almost instantly. According to official reports, affiliate marketing generates $20 per $1 invested, which makes it one of the most productive marketing channels.

Generally speaking, affiliate marketing has three models:

  • Pay per click
  • Pay per lead
  • Оплата за продажу

Проще говоря, Вам не придется платить до фактической нажмите, свинец, или покупка. There is no budget-waste because every dollar is spent with a good reason so you can rest assured that the campaign is going to be profitable.


Найма кого-то еще, чтобы рекламировать и продавать продукцию на вашего имени звучит как мечта сбылась для большинства предприятий. С аффилированного маркетинга, Эта мечта стала реальностью, так как вы способны платить сторонних издателей, чтобы принести вам свежие приводит и диск преобразования.

This article presented you six surprising ways affiliate marketing would transform your E-Commerce business. Это высокодоходный маркетинговая стратегия, Поэтому убедитесь эксплуатировать его скоро – это может также поднять вашу компанию на совершенно новый уровень очень быстро!


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