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Notícias semanais do Ecommerce: 22 – 28 Abril 2016


Hello e-commerce folk! There are many interesting news waiting for you this week. We hope that your week is going as you wanted it to be. Busy schedules are our common problem but we know how to catch up with the e-commerce news. Prisync presents the weekly news that will accompany your coffee and only 5 minutes of your day. Vamos começar!

  • Rocket Internet has shaken the fashion sector with its latest announcements. The valuation of Global Fashion Group was estimated around 2.8 billion but Rocket Internet has cut its valuation around 1 billion which caused Sweden’s Investment AB Kinnevik to lose 3% in Stockholm. Saiba mais sobre isso aqui
  • 6thannual Mcommerce Summit is happening at 5th of May in New York! Como já mencionado anteriormente no aqui, there are many exciting trends coming up in the mobile commerce market. Mobile is becoming more and more common in online transactions and it is important to be a part of this big change. Saiba mais sobre isso aqui
  • Amazon Vendor Express is a system where Amazon buys the products from the sellers and deals with all of its merchandising, customer service and shipping. This way the sellers get to expose their products to a big selection of customers from all around the world. But how it is done and what are the details? Saiba mais sobre isso aqui

Em uma tradição anual, Membros da casa de Missouri atire papéis após o fechamento de martelo na sessão legislativa de sexta-feira sexta-feira, Maio 18, 2012, na cidade de Jefferson, Mo. Legislador de republicano-conduzido do Missouri registrado seu descontentamento com as políticas de saúde do Presidente Barack Obama, sexta-feira durante um dia caso contrário sem intercorrências final de uma sessão legislativa em que legisladores conformou o factível em vez do ideal em suas prioridades de educação e negócios. (AP Photo/St. . Louis Post-Dispatch, Laurie Skrivan) EDWARDSVILLE INTELLIGENCER FORA; O TELÉGRAFO DE ALTON PARA FORA

  • Content marketing is one of the most popular and most successful approaches that will increase your conversions. In order to maximize that, you may want to look at a few things we have put together for you. Your relationship with your customer can be enhanced, your brand can be popularized and your business can be the best. Why not take a look at aqui?
  • Amazon’s Prime members in San Francisco are very lucky. Prime Now Restaurant Delivery of Amazon expands its services to San Francisco. Amazon offers its services for free but only for a limited period. Amazon’s declaration of war to the food delivery services around the States is exciting. Saiba mais sobre isso aqui
  • A new recruitment is taking place at Wallmart. Jordan Sweetnam, who was vice president of seller experience in eBay until recently, is becoming the new vice president of global product for Walmart Global E-commerce. How will this affect Wallmart’s plans to expand its marketplace business? We’ll see. Saiba mais sobre isso aqui

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  • Launching your e-commerce business is the most exciting experience you will ever have. While you are doing so we’d like to remind you of a few legal points you might need to look at. E-commerce law is heavily affected by international trade laws and if you are conducting your business internationally you might want to check it out. Aqui is a list of things you will need to know about when it comes to e-commerce law.
  • The Chinese government has banned all foreign media and publications without the government’s approval in February. Como um resultado, Apple has been ordered by the government to shut down its iBooks and İTunes Movies services in the country. Saiba mais sobre isso aqui
  • Alibaba’s is China’s largest online marketplace. Lots of cross-border transactions by big companies are taking place through it. Como já mencionado anteriormente no aqui, China is a growing market and definitely helps with that. Aqui is a quick guide to
  • Product photographs are a big part of getting the attention of your potential customers. Having a good product description is very important however the photographs require you to be a bit interesting. White backgrounds are very common but, they borderline on becoming boring. Learn about how Zara, Revolve and Free People have changed this into their advantage. Aqui is the story…

Keeping yourself up-to-date with the new developments in e-commerce market will ensure your success.

Another thing that will ensure your success is bons preços.

Prisync, com sua software de rastreamento do preço do competidor, can help you to get ahead of your concorrentes por monitoring their prices.


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