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Notícias semanais do E-commerce: 26 Agosto – 1 Setembro de 2016

Notícias semanais

Oi, Comunidade de comércio eletrônico! Estamos perante o fim de semana para mais uma semana ocupada e quente verão, as altas temperaturas que aparecem rapidamente e em toda parte, Mas isso não impediu a notícia. Aqui, estão com nossas e-commerce notícias semanal para mantê-lo atualizados sobre o universo do comércio eletrônico. Vamos ver o que aconteceu na semana passada. Aproveite!

  • Mundial de comércio eletrônico da Índia está em guerra! A concorrência neste mercado já grande está se tornando maiores e maiores. No final da semana passada tivemos o CEO da RedSeer Consulting salientando que o valor bruto da mercadoria tenha caído entre 5 e 10 % in India during the second quarter of 2016. É possível read here about it. Later this week, we received the news that Flipkart and Paytm are struggling to enhance user experience by making payments easier and safer to compete with Amazon. Leia mais aqui. Por último, the competition is also affecting affiliate programs, and the major players in Indian e-commerce marketing are trying to cut the costs related with them. Leia mais aqui.
  • Amazon partners with Shell to put Amazon Lockers in Shells’ oil stations in Germany. This is just a test, Mas é uma prova de que a Amazon quer estar mais perto do cliente final, oferecendo locais mais convenientes para todos. Leia mais aqui.
  • Zalando vai vender seus produtos do seu concorrente sites. Atualmente está vendendo sapatos na Asos, but planning to sell other products on Amazon and Tmall as well. If it works well, it could be a new ratchet up for e-commerce with competitors becoming partners, though it is not clear how it will affect competition. Leia mais aqui.
  • E-commerce in Colombia rose 32%. We are always looking at Asia as the future of e-commerce but Latin America certainly has something to say about the subject. Colombian e-commerce generated more than 750 milhões de euros. Leia mais sobre Colombia e-commerce numbers here (em espanhol).
  • UK customers prefer quality to deals. A survey conducted in May showed that UK customers are more loyal to businesses who provide quality than to the ones offering deals. Leia mais aqui.
  • Users still don’t trust online banking as a secure practice. The distrust increases with age, com 78% of customers over 55 years old being concerned about mobile banking security, including e-commerce sites. Leia mais aqui.
  • New Chinese online ad regulations are scheduled to take effect on September 1St. The new Chinese regulations set as mandatory that publishers know who their customers are, verify any credentials they give and verify the ad content. The importance of these regulations is not only related to the size of the Chinese market, but also the possibility that they will likely influence other countries’ future regulations. Leia mais aqui.
  • Mothercare launched a new website aiming to become a leader in children- and parenting-related products in the UK. Online purchases currently account for about 40% of total business sales. Leia mais aqui.
  • Prada, the luxury fashion brand, has reported a decrease of 15% em receitas, the worst results since 2011. Sanford C. Bernstein says it is due to the lack of investment of the brand in online marketing and a website. É claro, the Chinese crisis is also a very important contributing factor. Prada’s objective is to double e-commerce sales over the next two years. However they are not planning to sell clothes online. Leia mais aqui.
  • And also in Prisync we have had Edward Leake explaining how to Como impulsionar o negócio da repetição através do refinamento de sua experiência de comércio eletrônico, we discussed E-commerce meet ups e o Indonesian market, and gave you tips about Como obter uma oportunidade de abandono de carrinho em E-Commerce.

Que ’ é tudo por agora. Como você vê, e-commerce continues to move quickly, with competition getting harder every day. And now we are facing the end of the year with Christmas and December as the big month for many e-commerce sites, due to the tradition of giving presents and the availability of free time for shopping. If you want to be updated, just visit our blog regularly and you will find news, tips and analysis about everything related to e-commerce.


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