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Tumblr Marketing para empresas de E-commerce


E-commerce é um sector muito crescente e presença online torna-se cada vez mais importante. Como mencionamos anteriormente, em aqui, marketing de mídia social é uma boa maneira de construir sua presença online e criar consciência de marca. Tumblr é uma dessas plataformas e é tão bom como os outros.

Since its launch at 2007, Tumblr has achieved 550 milhões de usuários mensais. The platform provides its users with blogs they can create a variety of content and reach many people. The number of blogs is over 280 million by now. The number of daily posts is over 53 milhões. It also has mobile penetration rates of 78%. This makes Tumblr a very eligible source for your online marketing activities.

You don’t have to recreate your own company blog in Tumblr. You should decide on your theme and be specific with your contents. Your Tumblr name should also be a derivation of your business name. Try to be fun. If you are selling apparel products such as dresses you can specialize in providing them with stylish combinations and call it Style Hunter or if you are selling food online you might want to specialize in recipes and call it Creative Kitchen. This type of an approach will reach out to more people and will increase your shares, back links and followers.

In Tumblr you can utilize tagging to reach more people. Think of it like hashtags. You should describe your content, themes and subjects it is connected to in the tags. There is an unwritten rule about tags that advises using tags between the number of 7 e 12. It definitely brings more traffic and it also avoids your profile to look like a spam.

The good thing about Tumblr is that it is like a second blog you own. You can use it to occupy more space in Google searches. Using same SEO words in your Tumblr posts as you use in your own blog would help. Of course we advise you to not copy the same blog post. You need to create an entirely new one. Tumblr allows you to use Meta descriptions and alt tags as well. This also increases your chances for a good SEO. Make sure you fill your Meta descriptions which are little snippets that appear on the search results under your website page name. You should also fill out alt tags when you are uploading photographs on your Tumblr so that it can appear in Google Image search.

You can also create engagement in your Tumblr account through online contests. Como mencionamos anteriormente, em aqui, online contests are a great way to create brand awareness and engagements. An example is Chronicle Books’ online contest. They ask the users to submit ideas for a funny book through Tumblr and gave them an opportunity to be published as a prize. It has worked perfectly. Another thing you can do is to provide people with coupons. Por exemplo, creating special offers for Tumblr can be better.Of course, we do not advise you to limit the coupon distributions to Tumblr only. Mas, you can specialize it for that crowd.

Tumblr tem muitas vantagens e é uma forma diferente de mídias sociais com os benefícios de um blog. Utilizar o que irá aumentar a sua presença on-line, compromissos de consciência e cliente de marca. You can try many types of content and utilize your SEO to occupy most of the first page in Google searches. Whatever you decide to do we would like to wish you good luck!

Tumblr is a great social media platform which allows your business to reach more people.

Good prices allow you to reach more people as well.

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