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Pricing Certification: By the Experts for the Community

We have an awesome announcement for you!

But first, I would like to reveal our knowledge and content strategy. Transparency first!

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If you are a regular reader of Prisync blog, you should know that we are publishing e-commerce related articles tapping almost every area of online business such as customer journey, marketing ideas, some smart growth hacks, dropshipping and even e-commerce warehouse management. But we don’t have an advanced knowledge on these topics. That’s why we are partnering with industry leaders to share their expertise on Prisync blog for the purpose of educating our readers for every aspect of e-commerce.

However, you should realize that majority of Prisync blog is formed by online pricing contents and resources. That’s the area we have an advanced expertise and have mastered. Since 2013, all these resources are based on academic articles, pricing experts’ thoughts, online pricing experiences of Prisync users – their strategies, problems, solutions, tactics… With that huge knowledge, we’ve melted these theoretical and practical cases in the same pot and tried to deliver best insights to you.

But, we promised not to stop and swore to find new ways to nurture our readers about e-commerce pricing. That’s why we’ve collided all these insightful resources and packed them in the E-Commerce Pricing E-Mail Course. Our purpose is to offer you a new medium to educate the basics of online pricing and take your pricing skills to the next level.

The ultimate E-Commerce Pricing Email Course is covering all the key e-commerce pricing theories, smart competitive pricing tactics, psychological tips and numerous profit-boosting actionable pricing strategies.

And, here’s the best part of it!

At the end of the online course, you’ll be certified with E-Commerce Pricing Certification where you can show your new skills on various platforms like Linkedin.

Let’s enroll in the class and join the circle with more than hundreds of e-commerce managers. ??


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