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How to Boost Your E-commerce Marketing ROI through Competitive Intelligence Tools

In the rapidly growing world of e-commerce, optimised marketing has become essential for all players. “What is my cost per conversion?”, “Can I attract more customers with the same marketing budget?” etc. Questions like these keep turning inside the business owners and marketing managers. Today we are going to focus on a key marketing KPI …

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Tech Stack Must-Haves of an E-Commerce Company : Security, Stability, Speed.

Often times, e-commerce executives are laser focused on increasing their revenues through smarter marketing efforts, and this sometimes may cause them to neglect fields where they can leverage quicker returns. And these fields can even be at the core of what they are all about: their web shop. E-commerce market has become completely competitive and …

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E-commerce Tips: How to Write a Product Description in 4 Steps

Behold Against the Mysterious Wants of Customers! I have mentioned the importance of writing a good product description in one of my earlier articles. When you think of a product description, it comes pretty straight forward. Describe your product with its physical aspects and functions. However this much mechanic talk is not the key to …

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