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Online Contests: Create High Engagement in E-Commerce

Increasing sales are what’s on everyone’s mind in the e-commerce business. Discounts, campaigns, user-friendly websites, visual aids… There are many ways to conquer the hearts of your customers. But one of those is a refreshing and exciting method and you have heard it before. Online contests! Online contests can create a high amount of engagement on social media, create customer loyalty, establishing a big potential customer data and of course have some fun. Here are some key points for you to get started.

Decide on Your Goals

The first step of having an online contest is to decide on your main purpose and aim. What direction are you headed to? Are you interested in increasing your sales or your potential customers? Are you looking to have a better image in the eyes of your customers? Online contests need to fulfill a purpose or help you achieve a goal. Customers or contestants, in this case, are ready to share more information about them when there is a prize waiting for them. You could have them subscribe to your weekly newsletter, fill out a short survey or come up with a creative story for your brand.

Make up Your Plan

Online contests are a well of information. After you choose your main purpose and aim you should decide on how to get that information. If you are looking for new e-mails and subscribers you can simply ask them to like and subscribe to your page. If you are looking to increase engagement and brand awareness you can ask them to put a photo of them with your product and share on a variety of social media channels. If you are looking to get a creative story you can ask people to submit a video of that story and offer them to become the new face of your brand. Whichever you decide to do make sure you get the answer to these questions:

  • When will the contest take place?
  • What information will you be collecting?
  • How will people enter your contest?
  • Which platforms or social media channels will be used during this contest?
  • What will be the prize?

Know Your Terms of Agreement

Every online contest has its problems and to avoid those it is important to be prepared. A good set of rules can be your savior. Make sure you comply with the law. If you are giving away a prize which is for people of legal age make sure to put that on the conditions required to apply. If you are making a local contest make sure the contestants need to be residents. You may end up sending your prize to a very far away country. Another important point is to make sure the contestants know about what will happen to their information. Will you be sharing it with other companies or if they are submitting a photograph, where will it end up? It is important to give out this information or you might end up with a lawsuit in your hands. Lastly, do not forget to tell people how you are deciding on the winner. Be fair and be clear. It is important to remain sympathetic to your customers.

Let them Know

You have your terms of the agreement, the main goal and the details of it established. Now it is time to let people know about your great online contest. E-mail marketing, social media accounts, paid ads on Facebook, etc or even radio and Tv can be your choice. It is always good to combine these platforms to get more out of it. Set your budget and start crunching the numbers. If your product for the younger generations make sure you announce your online contest on their favorite platforms.

The latter part is to announce the winners. Make sure you are choosing the winners in a fairway. Most campaigns choose the winners through an automated system to be fair. Send people e-mails to announce the winners and create a good landing page as well. Offer them coupon codes or discounts for entering your online contest. Of course, don’t forget to thank them as well. The announcement should also take place on the platforms which you admitted contestants earlier.

Congratulations! You have a smashing online contest and everyone is talking about it. Don’t think this is the end. Go on and enjoy your newly established data. Check if you got what you want out of it and determine if it was a success.

An online contest can build brand awareness and a growing client list. You can attract possible customers, collect exciting information and have a vibrant marketing strategy.


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