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Hvordan å overvinne daglige rutineoppgaver i E-handel

Mens hver e-handel business viser forskjeller om sine interne prosesser, operasjoner pleier å ha lignende arbeidsflyter. After the moment you walk into the office and take the first sip of your coffee, you dive headfirst into huge workload including inventory management, product fulfillment, kundestøtte, marketing operations, competitor monitoring, price adjustmentsthe list is endless… Especially if you run SMB online store, you may directly deal with these daily tasks.


I am assuming all e-commerce managers want to automate these daily repetitive tasks in order to improve their productivity and earn some time to focus on more growth and business development. The direct involvement of an e-commerce manager or owner to manual workflows may obstruct the scalability of the business. Med andre ord, if you are too busy with the workload, growth will be extremely difficult.


But that’s not to say these routine tasks are not important. Faktisk, they are the core of your business that keeps your online store running and strong. The issue that needs to be considered is these tasks can be automated, delegated or redefined. You can take advantage of the similarities of the tasks and turn them into an opportunity for improving efficiency and adapting to automation.


You should hire tech enthusiasts interns or virtual assistants and start using automation tools which can help you run your online store, freeing up your time to focus the more strategic opportunities and decisions of your business that can help improve the growth.


We prepare a list of repetitive jobs which is mostly done by interns or virtual assistant to let you know before starting an e-commerce business. Og, cool news! Some of them have an automated solution.


Build an Automated and Efficient Structure

There are many useful automated tools in the market. Once you’ve analyzed your time, priorities, daily needs and tasks, you can start automating your workflows by using automated tools and software. Before that, keep this two quick advice in your mind;

-Evaluate your repetitive tasks and go after the tasks that are not sustainable when done manually.

-Acquire a tool that can perfectly perform without or at least with occasional involvement of you. Ellers, it won’t save your time and improve your efficiency.


Especially in e-commerce, as there are thousands of stores, competition is highly challenging and dynamic. Customers don’t hesitate even one second changing their decision to leave your store for shopping from one of your competitors. Så, as an e-commerce manager/owner, you should be aware of everything happening around you and in the industry. Derfor, monitoring the competitors and market gained significant importance in order to gain competitive advantage and always be one step ahead of the competition.

Here some of the daily must-do tasks which could be automated;


Tracking Competitors’ Prices

Let’s start with some striking findings;

-60% of online shoppers named pricing as the main purchase criteria.

-73% of online stores stated price changes are the major factor of competitive pressure.

As we’ve seen from the findings, online shoppers are incredibly willingness to compare your prices with your competitors’. Videre, thanks to the comparison engines, finding best deals has never been easier. Så, ignoring your competitors’ pricing strategies altogether is not a sustainable business approach.
As the online world is highly dynamic, you should monitor the competitor prices daily and adjust yours’ in order to attract more customers. Dessverre, most retailers do this research manually. This approach is too-often a time-consuming, costly and frustrating task and often end with mistakes.
In order to overcome this problem, taking advantage of automated price tracking tools som Prisync is becoming an increasingly more popular solution. These solutions let e-commerce businesses track competitor prices automatically, gain real-time market intelligence and set dynamic prices.




Tracking Competitors’ SEO & Website Performance

Tracking your own website’s performance is a well-known and highly prioritized task. But how about your competitors’? It’s something you want to monitor, but you also don’t want to be overwhelmed by reports on a regular basis.


You should continuously benchmark your online store against your competitors and industry, avsløre konkurrentenes online strategi og Oppdag nye muligheter. Dermed;

-You’ll get inspiration for new ways to connect with your customers.
-Find out whether competitors are doing better than you.
-Improve your strategies based on real-time data rather than assumptions.


To get the daily website performance data that helps you to generate actionable insights and make strategic decisions, you can use tools such as Alexa og SimilarWeb.


Videre, tools such Ahrefs, Spyfu og SEMrush help you to track your competitors’ most profitable keywords, betalte annonser og organiske søk og markerer dem for deg. They provide you an overview of any domain’s presence by analyzing Google.


Tracking Competitors’ Social Media & Contents

There are a gigantic amount of contents and different social media channels in the online world. Derfor, following dozens of industry and competitor blogs can be a time-consuming and untidy but also must-do act. If you decide to ignore what is happening in the industry in terms of contents and social media campaigns, you may miss a lot of opportunities. Staying updated about the industry and the content strategy of competitors are vital tasks in e-commerce as it is evolving every day.


Instead of digging up the information manually, try to use automated tools that help you to discover which content of competitor have performed best and which social media channels are getting high engagement. i tillegg, by setting alerts, you’ll be notified when your brand or competitor is mentioned in any social media channel or updated a new content. With tools like Buzzsumo, Omtale you can save the hassle of manually gathering data across multiple dashboards and channels and reach the necessary outcome just with few clicks.


Hiring Intern / Virtual Assistants

While the majority of tasks can be automated, there are still some areas that need direct human involvement. her, some examples of daily e-commerce tasks that you can delegate to your intern or virtual assistants.


Creating Contents for Social Media and Blog

If your intern has some skills and interest to industry, s/he can focus on producing contents for social media channels and blog. As learning with the practice is the most efficient method of learning, your intern will be also eager to take responsibility for producing contents.

If you’d rather produce your contents, your intern may help you to submit the articles to various platforms for you. Finding the relevant images, editing the article, making the wording responsive to SEO are also time-consuming but important tasks.


Social Media Management

The effect of social media to spread the brand is a proven fact. Posting contents regularly and responding to consumers lead you to engage with your audience and keep your brand around your consumers’ circle. As your intern has born in a digital era and understands the demands of consumers (actually s/he is the actual consumer), s/he may help you a lot with conducting social media. Having someone fresh with a lot of authentic ideas will boost your social media marketing efforts.


Uploading Products

In terms of UX, the product page can make a huge difference. Internett-kunder ikke kan se produkter fra alle vinkler eller føler stoff. Derfor, produktbilder, beskrivelser og steder skal overføres til online shoppere riktig.

Tenk om du har hundrevis av varianter og de må oppdateres regelmessig. Du må bruke mye tid ved skriving produktbeskrivelser, matchende størrelsene, finne produkter til riktig kategori, redigering og opplasting produktbilder. Du kan delegere intern / virtuell assistent til disse oppgavene til å håndtere de operative oppgavene.


Nettside vedlikehold

Hvis din virtuelle assistent/intern har nok, s/he can ensure your website can deliver the proper experience to customer.

Din intern / virtuell assistent kan;
-Oppdatere websider (innhold, teammedlem, produkter)
-Sjekk brutte koblinger
-Formatere bilder på destinasjonssiden.
-Daglig vedlikehold


Lagerstyring & Bestillinger

Hvis din lærling er dyktig administrere inventar, han kan holde aksjen oppdatert, skjermen lagernivåer, vise lagerbeholdningen til webområdet, administrere lageret og kommunisere med leverandører, sende fakturaer.



Du bør kontinuerlig få industri, potensielle kunder, og konkurrent rapporter. Hvis du har ingen tid å gjøre det., Lærlingen er gode på markedsundersøkelser. Som Google er en viktig kilde til markedsundersøkelser og også de er så dyktig av benytter Google, Du kan delegere interns å forske markedet.


Du kan bruke din tid mer effektivt. Og, fordi tiden er din mest verdifulle ressurs, øke produktiviteten er avgjørende for din suksess. Ved å slå kan disse tidkrevende og repeterende oppgaver automatisk eller støttes av deg og dine ansatte fokusere på høy verdi oppgaver som å optimalisere oppføringene, forskning og øke markedsføringstiltakene. Ikke nøl med å dele dine kommentarer og tilbakemeldinger.

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