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Føreren av E-handel i Hellas

Hellas har vært en ganske god størrelse marked for e-handel industri med en befolkning på nesten 11 millioner mennesker. Markedet har vokst med nesten 20%, Når opp $5 milliarder i fjor med 68% online shopper tilstedeværelse. Denne økningen er parallell til den årlige økningen i totale BNP av nesten 10% ($235.6 milliarder).

Within the past year, B2C e-commerce has risen by 5% along with more product categories added when purchasing and 29% of online shoppers made up about 50% of the total online purchases.

Selv om, Greek online shoppers started purchasing from different categories within the past year, the top categories remain unchanged so far.
Travel services is at the top of the list with 84%, followed by hotel reservations with 70%, electronic equipment with 69%, entertainment tickets at 69%, and lastly apparel and footwear with 62%.

på den andre siden, Greek online shoppers’ behavior is mostly driven by researching for the best price on price comparison engines because they are mainly price sensitive (73%) and direct product comparison with 55% and better offers with 42% follow this practice. A few of the most popular e-commerce sites in Greece include Amazon, eBay, Amazon third parties, eshop, Plaisio, Public, and Skroutz.

Til slutt, 30% of online shoppers in Greece purchase cross borders and they prefer UK e-stores (54%), China e-stores (47%) and USA online stores (34%) consecutively. Bare 24% of Greek retailers sell to customers online in other EU countries and almost 47% sell in their own country.

Alt i alt, after reading the quick statistical overview of Greece, below you can find a more detailed version including the top ecommerce blogs, påvirkere, eCommerce hendelser, top e retailers and more. Enjoy our Greece ecommerce guide!





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Prisync Info

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