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Google Adwords for E-handel bedrifter


Annonsering via Google Adwords kan arbeide underverk for e-handel business hvis det er gjort riktig. Hvis du ikke er kjent med det kan Adwords virke som en byrde siden det krever tid for overvåking dens effekter, men det gjør jobben sin.

Google Adwords is an advertising network that allows your business to place its ads on Google search results, YouTube or partner websites’ pages. Adwords advertisements appear on the Google search results in either as results on top, product listings, maps or even your phone number. You can customize your ads according to your needs. If you are a local business owner looking for local customers your advertisement types can utilize these and even target local residents as the audience.

Google Adwords works hand in hand with Google Adsense which is a network where your website can become the billboard for other ads. This way when you create an ad through Google Adwords you can also display it on partner websites which specializes in different kinds of content. If you are selling women’s apparel you can target women fashion content websites for your ads to appear at. If you are selling outdoor products such as tents you can display your ads on websites related to outdoor sports or hiking.


You are probably wondering wht will you have to pay. The great thing about Google Adwords is that it allows you to create different kinds of campaigns where you can set different kind of budgets and you can bid for your ads to appear on the first spot on searches as well. You pay when someone clicks on your ads too which is great. Of course if you are looking to create brand awareness your only goal may not be people to directly engage with your website but them to see you. If you want that you can pay per a thousand views a day and Google Adwords can utilize the money at its best to maximize the number of people reached.

When you are creating your standard type of advertisement you will be asked to fill areas such as headline, Beskrivelse, display URL and destination URL. Your headline is the most important one of them. You should use call-to-action phrases to make sure you catch the attention of a potential customer. You should try different versions to find the best one. You can do A/B testing for that. Your description can give details or be brief. There is no harm in trying different styles in here as well. Your display and destination URLs do not need to be same. You should make sure that your landing page is relevant to what you are offering on the ads. That part is important.


Keywords are another important thing to consider in Google Adwords. You should start by creating one for your own business. If you are selling women’s shoes think of keywords that your customers might type in while searching them. You can use broad, negative, phrase or exact match for the keyword matchings. You should check them out before starting this. You can use “men shoes” as a negative keyword for example. You can try man things. When you can’t find more keywords you might want to check out Google’s free tool Søkeord Planner. It provides you with new keywords and also gives you a ballpark number regarding its search volume.

Conversion tracking is another thing you need to do. When you are using Google Adwords you can see what your CTR (Click through Rate)is but you cannot see how many of those clicks end up with a sale. You can check the ROI (Return of Investment) from Conversion Tracking feature of Google Adwords. The only thing you need to do is use a landing page such as “Thank You for Your Purchase!” that will come up when a customer completes a purchase. You can add a snippet of code to your landing page. This way when your customer comes and purchases a product from your website after he/she clicks on your ad you will be able to see that. Conversion tracking can be utilized for other things as well. You can define your conversion as the subscription to your weekly newsletter. You just have to insert the snippet of code provided by Google Adwords to your landing page and you are good to go.


Google Adwords is a great digital marketing tool that can even increase your offline sales. You can reach many people with a little budget. You can use keyword matchings, targeting of different websites or insert maps and phone numbers to your advertisements to get your customers in touch in no time. Go ahead and explore this unique tool and get those sales up! Vi ønsker deg lykke.

Google Adwords is a great tool that increases your sales in no time.

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