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E-handel Tips: Kunder kommer tilbake er Gamechangers!

Hvor går vi herfra?

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Kunden kjøpt en god fra deg. Du har prøvd hardt og endelig nådde målet. Du fikk konverteringene og en splitter ny kunde. Tror du at dette er det? Hvis du gjør, du bør vite at du er veldig galt.

Returning Customers Are The Way To Go!

Your customers deserve a good experience while they are going through your website. And it is in your hands to make their experience memorable and gain a loyal customer. You can get them acquainted with your brand and make them want to become regulars.

According to RJMetrics 2014 Benchmark Study on e-commerce, returning customers can change the game. It shows that returning customers can create up to 75 percent of the complete revenues for online retailers. It also shows that the companies with higher number of returning customers are the bigger and more successful companies.

Learn To Say Thank You!

Let’s trace the footsteps of our customer who has just bought herself a very pretty blouse. The first thing after the purchase is the check-out page. There’s your chance.

online retail website checkout screen

Thank you is too plain if you want to make the customer experience more rich. It is possible to say like “You product is on the way! Welcome to our family! Keep following us for sweet surprises and congrats for becoming our new favorite customer! Your confirmation mail is on the way.”

Another idea to customize your checkout page is to provide alternative products related to the purchased good. For example if their purchased product is a dress a recommendation could be earrings, accessories for it. You could also say that “Check out these to look fabulous in that dress.” Another thing you can add is videos which are related to the product purchased. It can be fashion advices or if the product is food related it can be sweet recipes for it. Vær kreativ.

Leave Them Wanting More!

E-mail Template Confirmation

After the checkout page your customer will check his/her e-mail for the confirmation. Design your e-mails in a more exciting way. Put a discount voucher for their next time and encourage them. Do some upselling or cross-selling by introducing a few relevant products. You can say “Thank you for your tasteful order. We can’t wait to deliver your goodies to you and hear about it over Twitter.” Through this you can also mention your social media accounts and create more engagement and also get a feedback.

Your Order Has Been Shipped

Sponge Bob Carrying Boxes Animation

Next step is to send them an e-mail when their order has been shipped. Make sure to give an expected delivery date, location service to follow the product and maybe a few call-to-action buttons. Have them refer to a friend or subscribe to your newsletter.

Opening the Goodies!

Blå skjorte og en kort

The customer is very excited when he/she receives the product. The unboxing can be a good chance to make them love you. Make sure to have a good looking package. Put some vouchers (rabatt, free shipping or credits), sample products as surprises or put some sugar in it like GameKlip gjør. The unexpected gifts are always the sweetest. Another idea is to put little thank you notes which are handwritten. People like to be treated as unique customers. Show them you care.

Keep In Touch!

After the delivery it is important to keep reminding your customers about their experience. Send them weekly offers, show them love. Ask how’s life treating them and use the little details you own from the last purchase.

This is about it. Your customers are your best friends and your returning customers are like family. Treat them so. Never underestimate the little details. Those details will create the strong bond between you and your customers.

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Vi, som Prisync fordi de vil være klar over hva ’ skjer på dine konkurrenter og alle tilbud og rabatter, vil dekke e-handel trender, emner, ideene og mange strategier og insights. E-handel markedet er en lekeplass, og det er viktig å kjenne reglene.


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