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Per e-commerce nieuws: 15 – 21 April 2016


Hallo jij daar! E-commerce sector heeft altijd levendige en opwindende en deze week het is gevuld met interessant nieuws. Je energie kan slijten door uw drukke schema maar we zijn hier om u gemakkelijker en sneller op de hoogte. Hier is het laatste nieuws van e-commerce in de wereld, en omdat de klok tikt, we better get to it!

  • New Avon LLC has announced its new CEO after spinning off from Avon Products Inc. The company has the former owner of Avon Products Inc.’s North America branch and now it is bringing some fresh air with a new recruit. J. Scott White who used to be a part of Abbott Nutrition will be functioning as the new CEO. Meer informatie over het Hier
  • German retail giant Zalando has experienced a drop in its profits in the first quarter and seem to aim for an increase in its sales. The company is said to be interested in investing in technology and marketing more actively in the following days. This approach will surely put the profit rates under pressure. Meer informatie over het Hier


  • Brazil is the largest country in both South America and the Latin American region. Natuurlijk, this is not the only important detail about it. Brazil’s e-commerce market is growing at an exciting rate and has promising portions of mobile and online users. Learn more about it from our e-commerce verslag.
  • Online grocery shopping website Waitrose is expanding to China. As we have mentioned earlier in our e-commerce verslag regarding China, the cross-border e-commerce is an influentially growing area for players. Waitrose is expecting to experience significant growth in the upcoming 3 of 5 jaar. Meer informatie over het Hier
  • When it comes to mobile commerce we know that sky is the limit. But for Ryanair it seems like sky is the beginning of an upward profit curve. Ryanair’s mobile application is carrying the customer-first features with one-click options for reserving seats and upgrading along with rating systems for their flight experiences. Have a look at this exciting approach in Hier

Close Up van een Man winkelen Online Using Laptop met Credit Card

  • Payment solutions can be a good approach to increase your conversions. Emre Talay Van iyzico.com is sharing his experiences and insights regarding payment solutions in the e-commerce market. The payment starts with the checkout page but does not end there. There is a lot more than meets the eye. Uitchecken Hier
  • China seems to hold more exciting news for us this week. German retailer Metro Group has multiplied its online sales in China by 30. This fierce turnout has happened thanks to the cross-channel integration and opening a store in Tmall.com as well. Learn more about the increasing profits of Metro from Hier
  • Amazon has been interested in Netflix’s customers for a long time. The tagging has come to playing with the prices. Amazon is now offering its online video streaming services for a buck lover than Netflix. The drama continues J Learn more about it Hier


  • Customer segmentation is a very effective approach to increase conversions, customer loyalty and improve your service quality. Your customer data provides you with a variety of insights to fix problems or discover opportunities hiding right in front of your eyes. If you want to make your customers happier, we suggest you to come and take a closer look. Meer informatie Hier
  • Conversational commerce is a new approach to drive increasing sales online. The clothing alteration company Air Tailor has been using this approach to gain more customers. The system mainly works through SMS, WhatsApp and other messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger. Listen to a podcast of Joshua Brueckner sharing the details of his new strategy. Learn more about this intimate sales approach from Hier

  • Deze week Zuzana Padychova Van Coupofy is sharing her insights about mobile commerce. Mobile e-commerce is showing an upward performance and it is very exciting for all the members of the e-commerce community. Zuzana is providing us with lots of information with a side of very interesting numbers. Make sure you check it out check!
  • Snapchat is bringing out a new feature which allows for us to tag emojis on moving objects in videos. Brands such as Sour Patch Kids, Mountain Dew en GE are adopting this new feature to interact with its teen audience. Brand image of these brands can engage with the teen audience since the teen audience is interacting with emojis among themselves. We ’ ll zien hoe het uitpakt. Meer informatie over het Hier

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