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Per E-commerce nieuws: 8 – 14 Juli 2016


Hallo er e-commerce folk! We are going through another busy week and we are sure that you are doing the best you can. Maar, we’d like to remind you that even on full capacity you need to be aware of what’s going on in the market. Dus, here is a quick cover of the week for especially you! Geniet van!

  • Pokémon Go was the hit name of the week! Nintendo’s values have skyrocketed within minutes. The influential game has augmented reality that allows people to catch a Pokémon which is in front of them. Is this exciting game’s augmented reality attempt change the route of marketing. Snapchat is another follower of it. Meer informatie van Hier


  • Cart abandonment is the common nightmare of e-commerce businesses. There are many reasons that cause it but there a few methods to overcome them. Deze week is onze gast blogger Silviya Dineva Van Perpetto will share her insights regarding e-commerce cart abandonment issues and give you 20 tips to lower them. Uitchecken Hier for more information…
  • Best Buy created one million in-store visits through its mobile content strategy. Buying guides, video tutorials on YouTube and, localized mobile ads were very successful. Meer informatie over het uit Hier
  • Airbnb has partnered up with American Express and introduced Airbnb Business. Airbnb Business allows users to integrate the corporate travel management service with its mobile booking services. The target is business travelers who wish to include the accommodation costs as expenses for the company. Meer informatie van Hier

E-narketing strategieën voor e-commerce bedrijven en online retailers.

  • E-mailmarketing is een geweldige manier voor u om meer conversies en maken van nieuwe leads voor uw e-commerce bedrijf. Uw potentieel, bestaande en vergeten klanten zijn het doelwit en u kunt vangen hun aandacht met een beetje e-mail. Hier is a quick checklist of things that you will need to remember.
  • Amazon’s Prime Day has proven to be epic. The sales have increased 60 percent compared to last year. It was held for 24 hours and became the historical sale in the 21 year history of Amazon. Meer informatie over het uit Hier

  • Even though your business can gather lots of potential customers somewhere along the way to check out they seem to disappear. Klinkt bekend? Payment problems are more common than you think. Our next guest blogger Adam Wesolowski will provide you with a method. You can improve your e-commerce payment usability and in weeks. Meer informatie over het uit Hier
  • Google’s new ads are going right after the online shoppers. When people are searching for products online they can be very vague about it. In order to reach that audience Google has developed Showcase Shopping. When a person searches for “evening dresses” the ad will appear as an image which will take the user to the website to give product description. Meer informatie over het uit Hier

Catching up with the e-commerce news will keep you in the competition.

Goede prijzen een ander ding dat je in de competitie houden zal zijn.

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