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Opvallend prijzen van feiten die elke E-Commerce-Retailer moet weten

Voor online retailers, het is geen verrassing dat de prijsstelling aangelegenheden. Er zijn ook enkele opvallende prijsstelling feiten van e-commerce markten wereldwijd, die sterk bewijst dit feit.

That’s why we’ve collided the most striking pricing facts in e-commerce. U kunt doorlopen en een beter begrip van het belang van prijzen in e-commerce met deze snelle en krachtige stats. After diving into these stats, you may consider handling your pricing efforts from a different perspective.

Let’s have a look these pricing facts that every e-commerce retailer should know;

  • Meer dan 60% van de online shoppers worldwide considers e-commerce pricing as the very first criteria affecting their buying decision. (Bron)
  • The majority of all online shoppers (rond 90%) invest their time to hunt the best online deals. (Bron)
  • 71% van de online shoppers believe they’ll get a better deal online than in brick&mortar stores. (Bron)
  • 54% van de shoppers will purchase products left in shopping carts if those products are offered at a lower price. (Bron)

  • 46% van de online shoppers appreciate e-commerce stores that recreate product comparisons including prices. (Bron)
  • 41% van de online shoppers look for discount coupons while %23 of them participate in these promotions. (Bron)
  • 60% of online female shoppers prefer investing time to find the best deals, which is much more than males – 46%. (Bron)
  • An average online shopper will visit ten minste 3 websites before making their purchase. (Bron)
  • 86% of first time online shoppers say it is important to be able to see and compare prices from different sellers.
  • The shoppers who prefer purchasing from big marketplaces are more likely to spend their time to find the best deal compared to average online shoppers. (62% vs 46%)
  • 67% of US online shoppers say that they will buy products from different e-commerce websites to get the best deals. (Bron)
  • In de VS, 62% online female shoppers pay attention to discounts, on the contrary, 57% online male shoppers evaluate discounts while purchasing online. (Bron)
  • Boven 3 Most influential factors for US shoppers while buying online are respectively: 87% Prijs, 80% Shipping Cost, 71% Kortingen (Bron)
  • 8 van 10 Latin American online shoppers hunt for the best deals before finalizing the purchase decision.
  • French retailers are quite active when it comes to the daily price changes. 5.92% of prices from France are changing every day which is higher than the other 6 landen gemiddelde dat wordt gemeten om te worden rond 3 procent. (Bron)

  • 33.31% of online prices in Canada end with .9 zoals $4.99 of $7.59. Deze gegevens toont ons Canadese retailers zijn graag over het gebruik van de kracht van 9 terwijl aantrekken van online shoppers. (Bron)

  • 20% of e-commerce traffic for all sorts of product categories come from price comparison engines. (Bron)
  • 73% of online stores named price changes as the main factor of competitive pressure. (Bron)
  • In a very common scenario, a standard product can be found in ten minste 5 different online retailers. (Bron)
  • A price comparison engine can produce 50 deals in 5 minuten. This fact shows us the power of online shoppers. (Bron)
  • Retailer giant changes its prices every 10 minutes on average. (Bron)

As you can see from these striking pricing facts, e-commerce companies of all sizes from all around the world should better gear up with their pricing operations and approach it as a group effort, in plaats van enkel het verlaten van het aan de handen van één afdeling of één enkele werknemer binnen het bedrijf.