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Mother’s Day: Tips for Increasing Sales and Building Loyalty

Mothers mean the world to us. Every year on Mother’s Day, people want to show their gratitude to their mothers. Gift-giving is a long-standing tradition to express gratefulness, and this tradition prevails on Mother’s Day too. Naturally, businesses do their best to be the destination for shopping on this special day. If you’re ready, we’ll share a few tips on how.

On Mother’s Day, people are willing to spend more. More than naturally, everyone thinks their mothers deserve the best. As business owners, you must offer the best. Establishing an emotional attachment is the key to generating good sales. To do so, follow these tips:

Make use of creative advertisement

Mother’s Day ads are the perfect opportunity to establish an emotional relationship with your customers. Making a creative ad on Mother’s Day will help you get the attention of people looking for a gift for their mothers, along with all the mothers that can be your future customers.

P&G Olympics Mother’s Day Ad:

Work on your social media presence

Since it’s an annual event, people have a hard time coming up with a new gift idea every year. Help out. Provide original ideas, gift lists, and tips on how to present the gifts on your social media accounts, where customers look for inspiration. Gift bundles presented in a pleasant manner attract gift-givers and make the receiver happy.

You have an opportunity to creatively present your products that’ll be seen by a load of potential customers that aren’t regular online shoppers. Make use of your creative skills and don’t miss out on this huge opportunity.

Offer special deals

An online retailer’s worst nightmare is to lose its competitive strength. To avoid such an unpleasant consequence, you have to constantly adjust prices against competitors. On special days like this, all of your competitors will have sales. Even if your original prices are cheaper than their prices on a sale, customers will consider their sales promotion as an opportunity to buy from a typically expensive store.

Mothers Day Sale

Provide delivery tracking

People tend to be nervous about the delivery process, especially when it comes to the gifts they want to give on special days. They can’t afford any mistakes, therefore they want to know the status of their delivery.

Provide a delivery tracking service that is most needed on days like this. Customers won’t be concerned if they can track the status of their delivery. Fewer customers will contact you out of panic, your customer service team will be much less busy. At the same time, customers will shop from you with greater confidence.

Order Tracking

Focus on e-mail marketing

Make sure to remind your customers of the upcoming special day. Insert a countdown widget on your website. This will inform the regular visitors of your website, but it won’t be enough for the people who don’t shop too often. To keep them reminded, send e-mails starting from two-three weeks earlier of the special day. You can increase the frequency of e-mails when there is only one week left.

Mention your special offerings for Mother’s Day to let them know why should they shop from you.

Set last-minute reminders for forgetful customers

Urban life is so busy that customers may forget the Mother’s Day had arrived. Set e-mail reminders that’ll keep them from forgetting this special day. At the same time, you can offer a selection of ‘last-minute gifts’ of which they can quickly choose one even at the last minute.

To get one step ahead of your competitors, offer same-day shipping just on special occasions like this, to help out the ones that forgot getting a present for their loved ones.

Final Words

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to boost sales, and can also be a one to create customer loyalty. It’s the perfect time to bond with your customers, due to its emotional place in people’s lives. To establish this relationship, you should:

  • Make creative ads to attract both the gift-givers and gift-takers, and establish an emotional relationship with your customers
  • Use your social media presence to offer creative ideas for people who struggle to come up with a gift idea
  • Provide delivery tracking to comfort easily concerned customers
  • Offer special deals to avoid losing customers in such a competitive sales season
  • Send e-mails to let customers know about your special day offering
  • Set last-minute special day reminders for the customers who might forget this special day

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