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Mother’s Day: Tips for Increasing Sales for E-Commerce

Mothers have a key position in everyone’s life. And there is Mother’s Day to remind them that we know they are important for us and show our love. But enough with these ideas. We’re here to discuss business. The business of online retail.

Mothers' Day Commercial

Here’s how these special days benefit you:

  • You’ll reach people easier,
  • Your sales will increase,
  • You can create a better image for your brand,
  • You can sell your products which have not seen the interest they deserved,
  • You can make a difference.

Remember this. It is important for you to create a business which people can sympathize with. And a special day like Mother’s Day can be your chance to prove yourself. Here are some ideas for your business!

Create A Hashtag #MothersDay

Twitter, Instagram and many more social media platforms have hashtags to simplify the searching process for the users. For starters, make sure to be present on the social media as I have mentioned in my earlier article. Mother’s Day is important for people. So show that you care too. Also promoting your products will be a lot easier. Put a picture of your beautiful personal care package and say “Every mother deserves to spoil themselves once in a while. Why not be the one to make it happen?” People are already looking for presents for their mothers and with adding a little perspective to the product you can get your conversion right away!

Put Up Special Deals!

If you sell holiday packages or massage for two here’s your chance. “For Mother’s Day Only” will be your headline and you will enable people to surprise their mothers with a well-prepared brunch at a fancy hotel or a relaxing Spa massage. You can create a Momtract too. Also if you sell clothes, books or even groceries try to make the shipment for free.

There’s Always A Last Minute Gift To Buy!

People can forget about birthdays, anniversaries or mother’s day given the busy life that’s already going on. So it is possible to panic at the last moment about what to buy. You should take advantage of this and make your move. Put up ads on social media and your website. Create an ad talk speaks to those users like “Have you forgot to buy your mom a present? No worries! Click here and we’ll take care of it!” Make sure to have a fast delivery system in case people are really leaving things up to the last minute.

Give A Little Back While Taking A Little!

In this part there’s a good example from Macy’s here. Their campaign for mother’s day include donations to woman rights projects, women health issues or prevention of violence campaigns. People would feel better to contribute these causes while they’re purchasing products. It is also important to put some effort in social causes or sustainability as a company because it helps you to maintain a better company image and of course it’s time to give a little back.

You’ve Got Mail

Etsy's Mothers Day Commercials

Make sure to remind your customers about the upcoming special days. Put a countdown widget on your website. Do some e-mail marketing. Your promotions, discounts and free shipment news should all be available in these emails. You can mention every idea I mentioned earlier in the e-mail and engage with your customers through an extra channel.

Ads Are The Key

Creating commercials have been a great way to interact with people. Without knowing they can see a glimpse of their life or mother. Here are some very good and inspirational Mother’s Day ads for women all around the world.

P&G Olympics Mother’s Day Ad:

Card Store’s Mother’s Day Ad:

These special days can create a more generous market for the e-commerce companies but they are also a chance for people to appreciate each other. As a company, your presence in this process will always be welcomed. Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!


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