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Paesaggio di confronto prezzo in Europa

Nell'e-commerce, imbattersi in un unico prodotto rivenditori diversi e-commerce è uno scenario molto comune e gli acquirenti sono completamente a conoscenza di questi sostituire negozi. In altre parole, Se la realtà e le aspettative di un compratore online non sono sulla stessa pagina, Credimi, l'acquirente non esita un secondo a preferire il concorrente.

Come, nei dintorni di %90 of e-commerce shoppers are quite fluent about hunting deals and invest time for before purchasing, we can clearly say that prices should be considered as the very first criteria for an online shopper’s buying decision. With the existence of price comparison engines, online shoppers have a great ability to make healthy price comparisons among competitors quite easily.


Online shoppers tend to be more price sensitive if the same product exists in multiple online retailers. In a common situation, a buyer can find at least 5 competitor e-retailers selling the exact same product for different prices. Così, buying the identical product for the lowest possible price is the most decisive factor, but with a vast number of e-retailers out in the market; finding the best deal is a true pain. This is where price comparison engines come on the spotlight and create a great opportunity for buyers.


Dal, nei dintorni di 20% del traffico di commercio elettronico per tutti i tipi di categorie di prodotto provengono da motori di comparazione prezzi, they play a key role for e-commerce retailers. This ratio is increasing for product categories where online prices are even more important, e il personaggio di shopper è naturalmente più sensibile al prezzo. Let’s look at the consumer electronics example below. With such effort, price comparison engines let your online store to be found anywhere and serves as a great channel for an undeniable ROI as visitors who came to price comparison engines shop twice as often.



Price Comparison Sites in Europe

Assuming you have realized the positive outcomes of price comparison engines, we would like to collide the most popular ones to help our e-commerce circle to find the best option for them to promote their products quickly. Anche, this list would be great for online shoppers to find the best deals in different countries. /


Created in 1997 as a hobby project in the form of a comparative price overview for hardware dealers in the Vienna area, ora Geizhals is one of the largest price comparison sites in the German-speaking world with 40 million page impressions e 2.6 million unique clients al mese; offering editorially well-maintained products in the categories of hardware, Giochi, video, TV, photo, telephone, audio/hi-fi, movies, household, drugstore, and sports. The prices are updated every 10 minuti.




Vergelijk is one of the largest price and product comparison sites in Belgium and also active in Paesi Bassi, Finland, e Francia offering an easy and free service where you can compare products, Servizi, prezzi, postage costs and delivery times. The platform includes more than 250 negozi, 2000 recensioni, e 1.5 million products in the database.


Pazaruvaj is the most popular Bulgarian price and product comparison platform that provides a reliable online shopping guide to help online stores and their customers since 2006. The site attracts over 700,000 potential buyers a month, who are making informed choices among 427 negozi online with nearly 1,450.000 Offerte.



Croatian price comparison servicesopra 170 negozi – in one place that show the complete supply of hardware and consumer electronics throughout Croatia. It enables advanced comparing, browsing, and searching for products, whose prices are refreshed several times a day.


Ceneje is the leading Slovenian price comparison engine, part of the Ceneje Group , which also includes e ; the leading portal for comparing and monitoring offers for online stores in Croatia and Serbia. In the region, online shoppers are allowed to compare about 1.5 million active daily offers throughout quasi 700 online traders and a choice over 1 million products in many categories.




Fondata nel 2007, Heuraka is the largest shopping guide on the Czech Internet. An average of 3 million online shoppers choose from more than 20 million products e thousands of online stores. They can find price lists, prodotto, e-shop and shopper reviews along with experiences.




PriceRunner is the top shopping comparison engine in the REGNO UNITO, Svezia e Denmark ; also a leading site in Francia, Germania, e Austria. The site has an enormous ability that reaches millions of active shoppers across Europe each month and known for driving high-quality traffic that converts bene. Online shoppers can enjoy PriceRunner’s product pages which have price histories, price alerts, informazioni sul prodotto, and reviews.





Hinnavaatlus is Estonia’s oldest and largest price comparison portal, founded in 1997, which helps finding various types of computer equipment, elettronica di consumo, photographic equipment products; comparing their prices and technical parameters. It gets around 200,000 – 250,000 unique visitors and 5 A 7 million page views.




Leading European e-commerce price comparison engine, Kelkoo was founded in 2000. The group is now active in 19 European countries respectively; which are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Francia, Germania, Irlanda, Italy, Luxembourg, Paesi Bassi, Norway, Polonia, Portugal, Russia, Spagna, Svezia, Switzerland and UK. Kelkoo provides 220 million offers from 31.000 commercianti.

With the price comparison from, online shoppers can find offers from sopra 2,000 rivenditori online. The product variations range from consumer electronics to products, from the household to leisure and sports or car accessories. All offers in are checked several times a day. In addition to general product information, dealer ratings, reviews and user reviews help consumers to make the best possible purchasing decisions.




Launched in Germany in 2000, Idealo gets with più di 1 million visits per day, nei dintorni di 50,000 negozi, e oltre 330 million offers oggi. It is the leading European price comparison engine and one of the largest portals in the German e-commerce market. It is also active in UK, Italy, Francia, Spain and Poland.


Presso, online shoppers can compare prices for over 12 million products in more than 2,600 negozi online! Più di 6.5 million unique users visit the engine each month to search for the best deals. The company also has two branches in Turchia e REGNO UNITO.


Argep is a price comparison engine, which contains nearly all products on the Internet. It has been in the online market for nearly 10 anni, being one of Hungary’s leading price comparison sites. The product listings come from più di 1,800 retailers on our sites, making purchasing easy for Hungarian online shoppers. is Hungary’s leading product and comparison site, and an online shopping guide that helped millions of users and retailers since 2004. The platform currently offers 2,799 webshops and about 10 million various products to choose from. is the leading Italian price comparison engine for over 15 anni, allowing millions of users to reach the most convenient bid for the desired item. 13 million of unique users display 70 million of pages for 17 million of offers each month.


Prisjakt is Norway’s leading price and product comparison service with an average of 2 million unique users per month e 488.000 products from 2435 negozi, così come 4 million searchable product features. Prisjakt also opertes in Svezia.


For almost 20 anni, Prisguiden has collected products, compared prices and found the best deals for Norwegian consumers. They can search and compare prices of more than 3 million products from over 300 negozi. is the second largest e-commerce service in Poland. It provides its users with tools that make it easy to search for products and offersoptimum pricing, delivery speed, shipping costs, and transaction security.



KuantoKusta is the Portuguese leader of price comparators. which help consumers to find the best deals on products and services available. is one of the most visited price comparison sites in Romania and an online shopping guide, which has helped users and shoppers to make several million shopping since 2005. is the leading and most versatile comparison shopping site for Turkish shoppers. Over a million cost-conscious consumers visit the platform each month to view categorized product and pricing information from a variety of online retail stores selling electronics, gioielli, baby goods, elettrodomestici, e altro ancora.