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Venerdì nero: How to Win at E-Commerce

Se c'è una cosa che si può essere certi circa il mondo dell'e-commerce, è tale aumento delle vendite per nero venerdì.


Poiché gli acquirenti sono attivamente cercando di trovare le migliori offerte e spendere il loro duro guadagnato denaro.

L'unica cosa che devi fare?

Assicurarsi che quando stanno per spendere i loro soldi, they do so with you.

In questo post, you’re going to learn six key things to consider for Black Friday to make sure your shopping holiday period is a success.


Think about inventory

It sounds silly, but there will be a number of e-commerce owners who get so engrossed in trying to think about their marketing strategy, they forget one of the most important aspects of winning your Black Friday market: per inventario.

If your business was to generate 20x extra sales this Black Friday, could your business handle it?

Do you even have that amount of stock available?

Probabilmente no, if you haven’t prepared in advance.

You see the thing is, consumers naturally want to spend their money on Black Friday so you need to make sure there are enough products available for everyone to buy.

If you do find that your stocks are running low, it can be helpful to add a countdown timer letting customers know stocks are running low and driving a sense of urgency.

mac black friday

Mac Cosmetics let their customers know there is very limited stock available for the skin & eye essential kits.

Doing this adds a sense of urgency for shoppers who are perhaps on the fence in regards to whether or not they make a purchase.

Che cosa ’ s altro, if they do decide too late and there’s no stock leftyou’ve already pre-warned your customers.

So when you do increase your inventory this Black Friday, do think about ways you can let your customers know when stocks are running low.

Think about prices

Naturalmente, people want to spend their money on Black Friday. They’re looking for deals, they’re looking for bargains.

This is why you need to take careful consideration as to your pricing. In generale, during Black Friday prices drop.

If this is your first Black Friday, you might be wondering how other stores are able to drop their prices drastically and still make a profit.

The best way to do it (without ruining your business) is to use historical sales data. Historical sales data. Sales data can help you predict the best price to set your products based on what did or did not work in previous years.

If this is your first rodeo, then you can use a pricing tool to check your competitors’ prices.

Some retailers like to look at the products they’ve struggled to sell and offload that inventory by rapidly reducing prices.

Others decide to undercut their competitors’ prices to grab a bigger piece of the e-commerce pie.

e-commerce black friday

Nell'esempio precedente, you can see the various price increases and decreases on a day-to-day basis for specific retailers.

Posta elettronica

Email is one of the best ways to get your customer’s attention during Black Friday, but how many emails do you send during this period?

There’s no correct answer to that question, but there are a large number of different types of emails you can send.

asos black friday

Asos send their email list a reminder email a week before Black Friday even starts. In this email, they offer their customers 50% off party wear.

This email is effective because not only does it remind their customers that Black Friday is coming soon, but it helps them generate any potential early sales.

Asos isn’t just telling their customers that Black Friday is coming soon, but they’re offering their customers something too.

In the example above you can see that not only do they let their customers know shipping is free, but they let them know the prices of the products and which ones are close to selling out.

This helps add a sense of urgency for anyone who is thinking about buying a product.

h&m black friday

H&M sends a reminder email to their list the day before their Black Friday launch, letting them know the time it starts as well as offering a special sconto for anyone who decides to take them up on their offer.

What do all these emails have in common? They all offer their customers something. Whether that’s an early deal, free shipping or Black Friday discount.

Landing page

One way to generate sales before your Black Friday launch, and during is to create a landing page, specific for Black Friday.


Before your launch, you can use this page to collect your customer’s emails.

During the launch, you can use this page to highlight the specific products on offer.

In questo esempio, Shoe Fetish has a simple landing page that lets customers know there is 50% off all items.

They include a link so customers can shop the collection.

This is effective as it directly moves customers towards their product listings without coming across too sales-y.

Like we mentioned before, one thing it does well is to offer customers money offgiving back, rather than just take.

BullGuard in the example above, uses their Black Friday landing page to advertise three pieces of their software at different prices.

Two pieces of software have 70% off and the other has 40% fuori.

Their landing page shows all the products above the fold. They also employ a countdown timer that helps drive urgency.

Rather than have a specific landing page for each product, they’ve carefully put them all on the same page for Black Friday so customers get to compare the software and decide which one is best for them.

Discounts and deals

You already know that the general rule of Black Friday is to offer your customers a lower price.

But for many e-commerce owners, simply decreasing your product’s prices seems counter-intuitive if you want to increase your profits.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.

You can still give the illusion of keeping prices low, by offering your customers deals.

Per esempio, quest'anno, if you wanted to treat yourself to a MacBook, Hai un numero di opzioni.

These retailers are all offering different deals for the same product. Come si può vedere, consumers are in control and get to decide how and where they shop for their favourite products.

As well as discounts, you could offer your customers upsells, cross-sells or even freebies when they make a purchase.

E-Commerce Black Friday Final Thoughts

Black Friday gives you a chance to increase the number of sales your store makes. In order to do that, anche se, you need to put the right marketing tactics in play so that people know your deals exist.

Oltre a ciò, you need to make sure your store is ready to handle the increase in traffic and sales.

Black Friday is ready for you, but are you ready for it?


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Jordie nero

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Hey Jordie, this is an amazing blog. It was purely informative and was loaded with newest ideas. I am also looking forward to expand my Sheesham & Solid Wood Online Furniture Store and it is necessary to understand how to overcome problems like Black Friday. Looking forward to read such blogs in future.Thanks.

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