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Instagram Marketing: How to Crack it for E-Commerce

Instagram marketing increases conversions and customer engagements and is great for e-commerce.

When you are on the street of at a café or taking the bus try to look around and see what people are doing in their phones. The most frequent response will be Instagram. People are really enjoying sharing photos from their daily life and catch up with what is going on in others. They can enjoy beautiful pictures or funny videos that people post and they can also find great accessories or clothes on Instagram which is just one click away for them to buy.

Social media marketing is a great tool to create a better company image and also engage with your customers. Since e-commerce business utilizes visual aids to its advantage when it comes to conversions; Instagram is a great platform for it. There are many ways you can use Instagram to create more conversions and here are a few of them. But before we start he is a useful infographic that compares Facebook with Instagram in terms of e-commerce viability. Thought it would be useful 🙂


Integrating Instagram photographs to your website is a great way for customer engagements to increase. You can display the pictures with your brand hashtag. This allows people to see how popular your brand is as well as seeing the product on people. If a person is looking to buy a skirt and see the Instagram post for that skirt they will see how it looks on a real person rather than a model which has non conventional body measurements. Another nice thing about it is that it gives people positive feelings if they see someone having fun with your sunglasses on. They can match the two things in their mind which is always good for your brand image. Also remember that many businesses already put product photos which resemble the lifestyle photos of regular people. By what we are offering you can get that for free.

Directly selling on Instagram is not possible but there are certain apps for it. Instagram does not recognize hyperlinks however you can put them in the description box by shortening them. When it comes to utilizing apps in the process of selling your products there are Soldsie, Inselly, Instaorders and 10Sec which can turn your Instagram into a sales channel. Soldsie does it through the comments. The users comment saying SOLD and put information such as e-mail and they send the invoice to the user.

As we have mentioned earlier in here, online contests are a great way of creating brand awareness and increasing customer engagement. Instagram is a great platform to do that. You can use apps such as Offerpop and Iconosquare to create photograph contests. You should create a special hashtag for the contest and ask people to post their application photographs with it. It is great PR and also you get to make a customer happy.

Using your Instagram for customer engagement requires you to post periodically and consistently. You need to be aware of the important days such as Father’s or Mother’s Day, Christmas etc. These days will generate many engagements and you will be able to show people your product. Instagram also allows video posts. You can post a video about your business. If you are a apparel e-commerce business and you are shooting pictures for your dress category why not put a video of behind the scenes fun. Your model can take the video and have fun with it. This sort of a video is a good way of approaching your customers.

Instagram marketing is good for every e-commerce business. But getting ahead and finding a new method to do that is up to you. We gave you the basics, now it’s your turn.

Instagram marketing is a great way to increase your customer engagement and conversions.

Another way of increasing conversions is having good prices.

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