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The Guide of E-Commerce in Greece

Greece’s population exists of 10.9 million people, of which 68% uses the Internet. 3.0 million of these internet users shop online. These online shoppers on average spend €1,600 and the e-commerce in Greece reached €4.5bn.

Despite the amazing popularity of e-commerce all over the world, only 24% of Greek retailers are selling their products to all over EU and only 47% is selling in the country online. It is not possible to say that they are making the most of the digital opportunities. A reason for these numbers can be that cross-border e-commerce is experiencing some problems due to the differences in contract laws regarding trade.

The 10% of Greek customers are buying products from other EU countries. The problem that limits their choice of good products and prices is related to contract law rights. 30% of customers express their concerns regarding non-delivery of their order, repairing or replacing their orders if it turns out to be a faulty product.

After giving a quick overview on Greece, now we would like to provide a detailed resource for those who want to know and reach more professionals and sources about this beautiful country. Respectively you’ll see the list of e-commerce blogs, top influencers, events and top e-commerce retailers in Greece from the slideshare below.



  • Pavlos Georgiou

    You forgot about an ecommerce fashion store with 6 physical stores

  • It’s now in the list Pavlos! Greetings! 🙂

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