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Magento Extension: Prisync is Fully Integrated

Aujourd'hui, c’est un des jalons passionnants pour nous car nous introduisons notre intégration Magento à toute communauté Magento. Oui, C’est exact, Intégration de Magento de Prisync!

Maintenant, Prisync est intégré à la plate-forme de commerce électronique plus populaire, Magento, vraiment, ce qui amène beaucoup d’avantage pour les utilisateurs de Magento qui veulent suivre leurs concurrents’ prices with Prisync.

Our seamless integration helps Magento users directly import their products from their Magento panel to Prisync and most importantly, this brand-new integration helps Magento users change their prices automatically based on the rules that they create under Prisync’s Dynamic Pricing Module.

En un mot, Prisync turned into a dynamic repricing engine for Magento user and we’re really thrilled about this! If you’re interested in this integration, you can find more detailed information about it in this blog post.

Do you still have any question? Feel free to reach us from the live chat button on our site and also on our blog, we’re always ready to help you further.

Stay tuned for further exciting announcements!


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