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Suivez-nous sur les médias sociaux!

Tout d’abord, Nous tenons à vous remercier d’être partie de Prisync en tant que client. Nous sommes de plus en plus jour après jour avec votre aide et un grand soutien et aussi essayer d’améliorer autant que possible notre service, que nous pouvons.

Nous pensons toujours que vous, en tant que client de Prisync, are with us during our journey and now we need some help to make our social media accounts better and more visible. What we’re kindly asking from you to start following our social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and also Linkedin account. With this great help and contribution, we’ll reach more and more people from all over the world like you and fulfil their needs similar to yours, and also at the same time, we’ll get the chance to be connected with you on social media as well, and we can deliver our interesting content to you where you already spend some time on.

We’ll be also giving you 5$ remise on your next invoice for being a follower of any 1 of the accounts mentioned above.

If you become a follower for all 3 d'entre eux, you’ll get a $20 remise on your next invoice.

Ça a l'air bien?


The steps you need to take are below:


Follow Prisync on LinkedIn!


Follow Prisync on Facebook!


Follow Prisync on Twitter!


We look forward to seeing you among our followers.

Thanks in advance for your help and support here!


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Jon DeMott

Dancewear Corner is now following!! Thanks for all you do!

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