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5 Consejos de actividades para empresas de comercio electrónico

Por lo tanto, tu tienda online es en vivo, fotos y descripciones de los productos meticulosamente hechas, y tiene un banner de kickass para arrancar. Y ahora qué? Usted no puede simplemente sentarse allí, mirar a su genialidad y esperan que sea la próxima Shopify.

El verdadero trabajo comienza ahora: establecer una conexión con la comunidad en línea, elaboración de una estrategia de marketing, seguimiento, actualización, monitoreo, y esperando y rezando tu destino será diferentes a la 20% of small businesses that close shop in their first year.

No es una ciencia exacta, pero en este post, hemos recopilado cinco de las estrategias más eficaces de divulgación que puede adaptarse para conducir su negocio de comercio electrónico con éxito.

Fortalecer su reputación a través de comentarios y referencias de producto

Deje que los clientes se convierten en embajadores de su marca personal y hablen de usted a través de testimonios y comentarios en línea. Son importantes por varias razones, en particular en en particular en y generar más tráfico y conversión.

Comentarios de clientes y testimonios son tan influyente como la de boca en boca, crear una historia que puede construir o destruir la confianza. En una encuesta realizada por Ventilador & Fuel, 97% de los encuestados dijo valoración factor en sus decisiones de compras, en busca de experiencias y problemas de los clientes, manejo de quejas, y el consenso sobre si o no el producto o servicio cumple con sus demandas.

En un Informe al cliente de Deloitte, customer reviews weigh equally with family and friends as the most trusted sources of information when making purchase decisions, followed by independent product/service experts.




To get initial reviews for your site, reach out to bloggers and industry influencers in your niche via email. As for your customers, send an email and get their response after they received their order and had some time to use it.

You can include a request for photos of the customers actually using the product, if appropriate, for more authenticity. Giving a small incentive like a coupon or a small free item motivates customers to respond. Más, when they use the coupon, they return to your site as a repeat customer. Por lo tanto, double benefits on your side.

Social Media Engagement

There’s no hard and fast rule on what works and what doesn’t work in social media. It’s an ever-changing beast that you need to keep up with in order to remain relevant. While choosing social media platforms depends heavily on your target demographics and your product or service offerings, studying your competition and analyzing what works for them help as well.

E-commerce brands benefit mostly from image-led platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. With visual content marketing, both sites allow brands to create a “look” for their target audience and take a peek into the lifestyle they are promoting. When users are ready to buy, Pinterest’s buyable pins and Instagram’s Shop Now button make the process easier for them.

It’s important to study levels of engagement as well. Facebook, por ejemplo, remains the top social network in terms of active users, followed by WhatsApp and YouTube. For some, these are the first sites they discover products and services through posts shared by a friend or peer, a form of social proof supported by human’s inherent trust in people they already know.



And since omni-channel promotion is the buzz these days, using social media management platforms like Hootsuite and Buffer is extremely useful for constant monitoring and updating. And if you’re running a blog or news feed page in your ecommerce site, don’t forget to include social media buttons for easy sharing.

Publish significant content

Content marketing solidifies your branding strategy and drives more traffic to your website. One of the easiest content marketing strategy is maintaining a blog where you can showcase your expertise in your niche.

Be it stories, advice, Consejos, or infographic, creating quality content that the audience wants to read and share sends signals to Google that your site matters, which also help in SEO rankings.

Writing guest posts for various websites similar to your niche also creates brand awareness, le permite a (discreetly) promote your products at no cost, and positions you as an authority in your segment. Most blogs accept guest posts as it helps them in SEO, también, by keeping their content fresh and relevant.

And as a short bio comes along with guest posts, it gives you an opportunity to tell the audience who you are and what you do and gets you to leave backlinks through your signature.

Leverage mobile technology

Mobile connectivity is a trend that will rise steadily in the coming years. Por 2020, mobile and Wi-Fi will consist 66% of IP traffic, and over 200 mobile networks will include of 5G architecture by the end of 2017. This means consumer and brands can interact more in a real-time basis while on the go. Those who cannot keep up will not generate many sales and will eventually lose the race.

For e-commerce brands, Estos mobile marketing strategies provide invaluable resource in optimizing your mobile strategy.

  • Make sure your website is prepared for mobile devices before marketing to mobile users and driving traffic to your website.
  • Having a responsive design is important, ensuring customers do not have any issues with viewing product images, clicking on buttons or typing into form fields, which can act as a major deterrence in the mobile user completing the purchase.
  • Users consume social media mainly on their mobile devices. Instagram and Snapchat’s full capabilities, por ejemplo, are only possible while on mobile. Por lo tanto, if you’re looking to penetrate your mobile audience, social media marketing is a priority.

Compelling email newsletters

Most people who visit your ecommerce sites are new visitors who either do not purchase anything or will never visit again, or both. By building an email list, you’ll retain more of the traffic you worked so hard to earn.

Together with your list, compelling email campaigns can drive repeat visits to your website. Directly communicating with the customer and keeping them updated with the latest promotions, as well as giving them incentives in the form of discounts, giveaways, or prizes make them at least read your email before deleting it. Or better yet, they’re excited to get a message from you, not just because of the incentives, but because they get valuable content from it.

Por ejemplo, Storq’s newsletter includes curated stories related to motherhood, parenting, and pregnancy, which is apt to the products it sells: fashionable clothing for expectant moms. Doing so keeps its target audience interested and prevents repetitive promotional content.

This and other tactics, como la incorporación de prueba social desde sus sitios de redes sociales en el boletín, hacer su campaña interesante y forward-worthy.


Comenzar y mantener su negocio de comercio electrónico no está exenta de dificultades. Aunque mucho depende del trabajo duro, carecer de los conocimientos y habilidades técnicas puede contribuir al fracaso. Elegir las herramientas adecuadas puede ayudar a, pero también tienes que conocer tus fortalezas, adecuarlas a las necesidades del cliente, establezca expectativas realistas y seguir a través de.

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