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La guía de E-commerce en Rumania

Romania has been the bigger e-commerce player in the Southeastern European market; ranking as the 93Rd richest country in the world according to capita rankings. With a population of 19 million people making up a total GDP of $178 mil millones, the consumers then to purchase online a lot more compared to past years.

According to some research insights , the e-commerce turnover is increased by 14% totaling into $715 mil millones en 2017. Además, the GDP per capita currently stands at $9,801 and is expected to raise to $12,535 by the end of 2021.

As of now, hay 9.4 million e-commerce users in Romania and they spend about $215 on average for an online purchase. It is also reported that with 5,000 registered websites and around 20,000 ones with active add-to-cart buttons, Romanian shoppers total this number to $3.28 mil millones. In the coming years, number of active e-commerce websites are expected to raise exponentially.



Romanian online shoppers’ major e-commerce interest areas have not changed much compared to last year. Según Statista’s numbers, Electrónica & IT still comes first with a total revenue of $712.5 millones. Fashion follows it with $436.5 millones, juguetes & DIY with $427.7 million and furniture & appliances with $346.1 millones.



Mobile commerce has also been becoming a major trend around the world and Romanian online shoppers adopted to it. En 2016, 79% of Romanian shoppers bought something online using their smartphones and 2.05 billion dollars were made from these sales. En 2017, there is a 7% increase in smart phone penetration in Romania so, casi 85% of online shoppers made purchases using their smart phones. Por último, the smart phone penetration will reach 52% por 2021 where there will be a 14% increase overall.

To cover it all, we gave you an overview of the Romanian e-commerce and m-commerce market. Además, there is also a presentation, where you will find more detailed information about the country, business opportunities and professionals to know when getting to know the market.