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Anuncio de Prisync API v2.0!

Para las dos semanas, hemos estado trabajando duro en la creación de una API de Prisync mejor. Ahora estoy emocionada te invitamos a probar la API de Prisync v2.0!


Cuál es nuevo?
Nos hemos esforzado para crear una nueva API como simplificada y fácil de usar como sea posible. Algunas de las características que hemos añadido a la nueva versión:

  • A real RESTful API: Developers now can interact with the API using HTTP GET and POST methods.
  • SmartPrice Suggestions: We now suggest you SmartPrices per product on the API in a more meaningful way.
  • Expanded API Coverage: Now you can access all kind of resources (productos, Direcciones URL, marcas de fábrica, categories etc.) on Prisync using the new API.
  • Pagination: Results are paginated where applicable, making it easier to access large collections such as product or URLs.
  • Accessible: You can access any single item (a product in a category or a URL in a product) with simple API endpoints.


You can find the complete documentation by clicking here:

Read the documentation


You can use your old API email and key which you already use on the old version. You can find API email and key on your Prisync account under Settings.


As a person with a technical background, I myself know that integrating a new API is not easy. Por otro lado, the API v2.0 is way better than the 1st version, so that integrating v2.0 provides you a more expanded control of your account on Prisync and is beneficial. Además, it is very easy to implement in any programming language such as Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go etc., much faster and less server resource consuming.


Future Plans: Considering the API integration period, we are going to continue to run the old API till Abril, 14TH 2018. Until we will shut down the old version, old version and API v2.0 will be both served. Starting with April, 15TH, old version won’t provide you fresh price data, en su lugar, it’ll continue to serve the last price data we collected one more month, to prevent any service breakage on your side.


Please do not hesitate asking questions about the API v2.0 on the comments section.