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A New Year Gift of Prisync – Ecommerce Stack

Hi our special readers,

Just a quick question:

Who says no to surprises?

As we think you are ready to get a christmas gift, let’s have a look at ours.

We were searching for a massive tool list for the ones involved in e-commerce for a while and during this period we couldn’t find a one that made us AHA!

And we asked ourselves: Why don’t we create it?

We found an available domain first – Ecommerce Stack – and uploaded every tools that can be used in e-commerce. Right now there are close to 300 tools inside.
Not only tools, we also added blogs, news sites, podcasts, events and influencers. Yeap, we did it!

Our aim was to build a site that can be visited any time, and here it is.
We try to update it every week, so don’t forget to share your email with us.

And also, don’t forget to share it with your friends.
We believe they will like it too.

Happy New Year!
Prisync Team


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