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The Ultimate List of Ecommerce Tips

Having an e-commerce business is a dream for a lot of people. It allows you to work in what you love. But competition is really high, and you can’t just start without having some things clear. In this article we want to give you 101 ecommerce tips related to how you can succeed, with the aim to help both, entrepreneurs that are starting now, and e-commerce managers and SMEs owners that have been working on it for some years. As you are going to find tips mostly related to marketing, we are also ready to hear your suggestions related to dropshipping, logistics, accounting, etc…

As it is a little bit long, you can easily reach the topic that you want to from the links below.

Social Media Marketing Tips
Email Marketing Tips
Adwords Tips
Google Analytics Tips
Conversion Rate Optimization Tips
Tips to improve user experience in an online store
SEO Tips for Ecommerce
Tips for a great customer support
Pricing Tips
Other Tips


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Tips to start an e-commerce business

If you are about to start your e-commerce project, chances are you don’t know where to begin. Here are some ideas:

1. Choose a URL domain easy to type and shortest as you can. This will help people to remember and reach your website easily.

2. Use an appropriate domain name extension (usually .com).

3. Protect your brand rights.

4. There are so many ecommerce platforms outside. Do a huge research and choose the one that fits you well. Don’t forget to check out our tips.

Social Media Marketing Tips

5. Add shop section to your Facebook fan page to increase your sales and popularity. Learn how.


6. Have an option to share the purchase in social media when it is done.

7. As you know, Snapchat is one of the popular social media platform and it’s useful for ecommerce companies too. Here is how you can use Snapchat to increase your sales.


8. Try to share posts everyday in every social media platform.

9. If you have chosen Instagram, integrate it on your site. It is great that customers can see other users with your products. Here is how you can apply.

10. Don’t forget to add remarketing pixels to your Facebook account. You can increase your sales and decrease your new customer cost with retargeting ads. To get more details, check this out.

11. To increase awareness, choosing a right image in social media platforms is one of the key factors. You can check Canva, to have an idea about popular post templates.

12. Don’t forget to you use hashtags on your Instagram and Twitter posts. These will increase your brand’s awareness.

13. Picking the right time to send a post is also crucial. Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite can assist you.

14. If you don’t know your social media account metrics, it’s not going to be an effective usage. Use Facebook insights, Twitter analysis and tools like Social Rank to follow your metrics.

15. Don’t forget to create custom audiences for your Facebook ads. Such as, you can use lookalike audiences that have similar interests with your customers.

16. To track your visitors’ sources, don’t forget to add utm tracking codes to your social media post links. If you want to have an idea about adding these tracking codes, check this out.

17. Find influencers on your market and try to send them free products to review.

18. Videos are getting more and more popular everyday. Create how to videos and share them via Youtube and Facebook.

19. According to researches, millennials like companies that are transparent. So, try to use stories feature of Instagram and Snapchat to share your culture.

20. Pinterest is one of the channels that you should try.  You can increase your sales via sharing photos on Pinterest too.

21. Gifs are so trendy on these days. You can use Gifs on your social media posts. Giphy is a great source to find what to use.

22. Try to reply the social media messages rapid as you can. Social media is a new way of customer support. Also don’t forget to look your Instagram DM.

23. To optimize your Facebook ads, you should also try scheduling.

24. Don’t forget to set-up facebook conversion pixels! Here is your guide.


Email Marketing Tips

25. Create an e-mail database of customers.

26. Don’t forget to segment customers according to number of products they buy, their age, gender, country. Here is a guide by Hubspot.

27. Create different campaigns to each of them to increase sales. Such as, don’t send women apparel campaign to men. And try to use different wordings.

28. Use drip campaigns to send automated emails related to user reactions. Here are best practices.

29. Try to use more friendly tone to grab the attention of the customers.

30. To reduce shopping cart abandonment, don’t forget to send emails to those who abandoned to learn their problems.



31. Use an email pop-up tool to collect leads. This can be a sign-up bar also. Optimonk and Sleeknote are the ones that you can use.

32. Launch a contest/promotion/discount in exchange for e-mails.

33. To increase the number of clicks don’t forget to A/B test your email campaign time, subject and Call to Action button.

34. In some cases, send personal emails that is not automated.

35. Don’t forget to send an email:

  • When a user sign up to your e-mail newsletters.
  • To let the user know the order has been received and started.
  • To get his/her feedback after the shipment and she/he start to use the product.
  • Send him/her discount on his/her special days. Ex: Wedding anniversary, Birthday.

Adwords Tips

36. Setup ads for your brand name and its probable misspellings. Your competitors can try to give an ad to your brand name too. Don’t lose clicks.

37. Remarketing is crucial in Google Adwords. Don’t forget to add remarketing tags on your website. Here is how you can do it.

38. Callout and sitelink extensions can increase your CTR. Give these a chance.



39. You can schedule your ads in Google Adwords. Ad scheduling lets you specify certain hours or days of the week when you want your ads to show so that you can reach your customers while they’re awake and online to see your ads.

40. Before you start to create your ads, do a keyword research and find their estimated monthly traffic. Keywordtool is a useful site to find keywords. And also don’t forget to check your competitors via tools like Spyfu.

41. To see the performance of your ads, don’t forget to setup conversion tracking.

42. Test your texts and try to optimize them. 

Google Analytics Tips

43. Be sure that your Google Analytics is working properly. Create your analytics code and put it on the right place in your website.

44. In order to observe audience demographics and interests better, you should enable it first. And if you want to share these metrics with your colleagues, don’t forget to créate reports.

45. Don’t forget to créate goals to learn the number of sales your sources have. Here is how you can do it.


event_goal_google-analytics46. To follow your metrics, you should have performance dashboards. There are so many templates outside, but the one that PrestaShop has is our favorite.

47. Don’t forget to filter your spam traffic and your IP address. If you don’t, this might fool your Analytics. Here is the solution.

48. Install e-commerce tracking to see the sources of your sales. This will help you to understand where to focus on.

49. We shouldn’t underestimate mobile traffic at these days. So check your mobile traffic daily.

50. Set up site search and understand which products are searched most.

51. Having an idea about product performance and product list performance is crucial to learn what to focus on. Check them daily.

52. Don’t forget to enable search console to find the keywords that people click on Google Search.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

53. Offer the option to upgrade your products. Offer a basic product, but also a more sophisticated version with greater value and appealing.

54. Giving detailed product information is one of the things that increase sales. Effective wordings and using bullets to show benefits of the product are necessary to have a detailed product description. This article may assist you.

55. Don’t forget to show related products to the user, so he/she can add it to his/her basket also.

56. Try to choose the high-quality images related to product. Video is a bonus, but believe that it will increase your conversion rate.

57. Recommendation is so crucial, as WOM is one of the key factors to buy a product. Thus, don’t forget to add product reviews on your product details page.

58. Show the delivery cost and final cost very clearly.

59. If you have a code for discounts in your order form, explain how to get the codes. Give a brief information related to their usage.


60. To increase the conversion rate, try to eliminate the unnecessary checkout steps.

61.  Include a breadcrumb(navigation) in your product pages. So, visitors can easily see the previous steps. Check the best practices.


62. If your landing pages differ from the others, this will increase your conversion rate optimization. So try to create specific landing pages for each product.

63. Have a FAQ section. So, visitors can easily find the answers of the questions they want to ask.

64. To help returning visitors, write “NEW” above/below your product image to emphasize it’s new.


65. Show evidence that your site is safe and trustful (but don’t over emphasize in it). Here is why.

66. Remove obligatory registration for buying (but promote it with a deal).

67. Allow the most common payment options such as PayPal.

68. Put product details below the product image and CTA.

Tips to improve user experience in an online store

69. The search box should be prominent, so visitors can easily search what they are looking for. Using autocomplete is a plus.

70. Don’t forget to allow user to filter their product search in your site (by product category, price range, size, brand, color, user ratings).


71. When you are out of stock, don’t forget to get the email of the customer. So, you can inform them when the product is available.

72. Have a live chat for customer support, so they can easily reach you. Intercom is one of the tools that is recommended.

73. If you have so many products, let them create a wishlist so they can find what they want easily when they come back. And also, let them know when the products prices’ decrease.


74. Check the performance of your website in every browser and every mobile phone. Tools like Browserling give an useful results.

75. Offer first time buying discount. Think this is going to be your marketing expense and believe that it is going to worth it.

76. Use free delivery deals over a specific amount.


77. If you sell products abroad, try to have multilingual website as visitors can understand the product in their native language.

78. Provide links to return policy, customer service, shipping and privacy pages.

79. Give the option to choose a range of times for delivery (morning – afternoon).

SEO tips for e-commerce

80. Do a keyword research and find specific keywords for every page.

81. Do a huge research for what to emphasize in categories part of the navigation menu. As navigation part is important for SEO, choosing the right ones to include can increase your organic traffic.

82. Have a blog and publish new content frequently related to your market. You can again do a keyword research and share contents related to those. Here is a guide from MOZ.

83. Use the title and alt options of the images to write your keywords. So, people can see your images, on google images results. Here are 10 image optimization tips.

84. Check the load time of the page, as it should remain less. Pingdom is one of the tools that you can use.

85. Add a both sitemap and an image sitemap.



86. Use a pyramid structure for URLs. If you don’t have a structure, it’s going to be hard for Google to increase your ranking. Check out this great article from Yoast.

seo_pyramid_structure87. Write unique product descriptions, don’t use the one from your suppliers. So, customers can easily understand that it’s not pasted.

88. Have different titles and metadescriptions for each page. For more info, you can check this article.

89. Use just one H1 per page. And try to add H2 and H3 also. If H1 – H2 – H3 include your keyword, your ranking is going to increase. Check this article related to how important is an H1.

90. Use internal linking to increase your page views. Here is an in-depth article related to internal linking.

91. Remove empty pages and links that are not working to protect your SEO score.

Tips for a great customer support

92. Try to be 24/7 available. Visitors would like to reach customer support anytime they want.

93. Show them you have understood the problem they have and don’t forget to use their name while you are talking to.

Other Tips Related to Marketing

94. Loyalty and referral programs are so crucial as they can increase your sales. Referral Candy is one of the tools that you can use.

95. Prepare special promotions for your worse-selling products. You can combine them with the best selling ones.

96. Don’t forget to announce campaign in special days like 11.11 as Alibaba does.


97. Package design is a great way to improve your customer experience when unpacking.


98. Be punctual and try to send the product as soon as possible.

99. Give omnichannel experience. If a customer buy a product from your online store and want to change it through your offline store, accept his offer and change his product.

Pricing Tips

100. Prices ending in 5 and 9 perform better than the others.


101. If you want to increase your profit margin, give a chance to competitor price tracking tools like Prisync.

BONUS: Product description is one of the key points of selling more and here is a great guide for small businesses about how to write an effective one.

We hope you find all these tips useful. The most important here is that you try things and check how they work for you. This way you will improve more and more and eventually will reach excellence.

If you have anything to add related to ecommerce tips, don’t forget to share with us via comment section.




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