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E-Commerce Poland: A Research About the Polish Market

Is It Time For Poland?

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Poland is at the heart of Europe and is preparing to be at the heart of e-commerce, too. Poland has many strategic points by being a member to EU, NATO, World Trade Organization and G6. But other than these Poland has also been the home of many minds such as Copernicus, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Roman Polanski, Chopin, and Marie Curie. It is the only country which has a transgender member of parliament, Pole Anna Grodzka, in the world and has a delicious bread festival. Bronislaw Komorowski is the president of Poland since 2010 and Ewa Kopacz is the Prime Minister serving with him. Poland has a great opportunity to make a difference in the e-commerce market of Europe but of course before that there are a few fixes to be made. But let’s not get into it until we introduce you the Polish market of E-commerce.

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About the Poland Market of E-commerce

Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe with apopulation over 38.5 million people and is a member of the European Union since 2004. The inflation is % 1 and the GDP growth has been around 1.3 %.

The Polish market is clearly below the European Union’s average. But with a location in the heart of Europe and with rapidly growing e-commerce metrics Poland is capable of filling an important position in the e-commerce market. Unlike the more stable e-commerce markets such as Germany or UK, Polish e-commerce market is one of the youngest e-commerce markets, and it is in its development phase. This environment makes Poland a perfect playground for the e-commerce players. According to Ekos Global the e-commerce market size in 2014 has grown by 35 percent and, has reached 4.7 billion Dollars.

Internet is the key factor for the digitalization of a market and, besides enabling easy access to information; it also increases the developments of entrepreneurship within every sector. The digital economy has taken a crucially important place in the European economy and also increased the competitiveness globally. In order to be a part of this innovative and development-oriented group, Poland needs to benefit from the digital improvements and the competitive market. For a start there are steps to be taken such as:

  • Focusing on the growth of economics efficiency,
  • Entering new markets,
  • Creating jobs with high values,
  • Obtain a higher living standard,
  • Increasing innovative solutions,
  • Decreasing costs through new technologies,
  • Developing awareness and digital skills.

The new technologies are changing the nature of business and economy. Poland needs to integrate itself to today’s innovative environment. Internet has become a very important business tool for buying, selling, exchanging information, promoting business these days and it induces competitive advantages and more efficient business performance. The strategic importance of Internet forces Poland to improve its market online and meet the opportunities to fulfill its potential.

Polish Online Users: Who Are They?

Annually, Polish users spend around 190 dollars online. There are 25 million internet users and the penetration rate of Poland is 65 percent. The online buyers are around 11 million. The size of Polish B2C market is 4.7 billion dollars. The demographics of Poland vary according to age as seen above:

  • Aged 0-14 years 14.6%
  • Aged 15-65 years 70.7%
  • Aged 65+ years 14.5%

The number of computer users has increased over the years 2010-2014 substantially. In 2014 77.1 percent of the households had at least one computer and, with the increase in mobile penetration rates the users online have been continuing on increasing. The number of mobile subscriptions is 18.9 million for 2014 with a rate of 49.3 percent.

The internet using habits are mostly for email, online purchases, information and social media constituted. In 2014 the 52.9 percent of the 16-74 age population have made online purchases also. The majority of those online buyers were man. Also the rates vary Voivodeships according to their online penetration rates. It is important to build a better infrastructure in Poland in order to create more involvement with the internet and internet related actions.

Pie Chart Graph Online Retailing E-commerce 2014 Data Numbers

Despite the fact that Poland is still improving its online market, there are very important Polish players present in the E-commerce market, too. In one of our posts for the Retail Kingdom we have covered for you as you might remember. There are of course much more online retailers to mention about Poland. Here is a few players in the Polish market:

Pie Chart Online Payment Preference in Poland

In Poland the customers use different options for payment also. Here they are:

  • PayU
  • PayPal
  • PayByNet
  • PayLane

The e-commerce market in Poland focuses on many sectors. These sectors vary from gardening to electronics. Here they are according to their market share:

  • House & Garden (31.86%)
  • Clothes (20.59%)
  • Hobbies (15.69%)
  • Computers & Electronics (14.22%)
  • Books & Music (13.24%)
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Last Words

The Polish E-commerce market withholds many possibilities along a great potential globally. The strategic position of the country in terms of its EU membership and location in the center Europe can be the home of very big players if innovation and integration are taken seriously. In this road to success Poland should create awareness within its people about internet, online businesses and also entrepreneurship. All in all Poland is a powerful candidate to become one of the big players in the following years. It is up to Poland to make it happen.



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