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E-Commerce Optimization: 10 Tips for Businesses

In recent times, there has been an increase in the market of e-commerce business but there has been a parallel increase in the number of competitors. This change has made the customers more empowered and has increased their expectations. These days it has become more difficult as well as more important to please the customers. Adding more products on the website or making them cheaper doesn’t help to increase the website traffic. Price is starting to get replaced by customer service as a competitive factor. As per the survey, 86% of customers can pay up to 25% more for better customer service. Hence, the companies should deliver the best and meet all the requirements of the customers.

The article describes 10 best effective ways to optimize the e-commerce website:

1. Focus on designing a user-friendly website

For an e-commerce site, the most crucial thing is its website, hence it is very important to have a website that is clean and carries a professional look. The design and layout of the website have to be user-friendly as it has a very crucial impact on the conversion rates. Primarily the homepage is the first page viewed by the customer; hence it needs to showcase the prime brands or the products offered. Having a cluttered homepage can distract the visitors and put them off from making purchases. As per the study was done by Oneupweb, it was found that 76.5% of respondents rated a credible and trustworthy website as an important factor in influencing the purchase. Hence, investing in a creative and attractive website can help in increasing the returns.

2. Include customer reviews

Before initiating an online transaction, it is very important to gain the trust of the customer. Displaying customer reviews on the website can help to gain the trust of the customers and can boost the conversion rates. Before making the purchase shoppers would always like to know the buying and product experience from the other customers and placing product reviews would help to clear their doubts. As per the Shopify research, it was found that product reviews can boost the conversion rates by 76%. Companies like Amazon have been leveraging their sales by adding product reviews.

Customer Reviews

3. Use visual story

Producing videos for e-commerce sites may be hard and expensive but it is being investment worth making. Videos can significantly increase the sales as about 73% of the visitors are likely to buy the product after watching the video. It not only increases customer engagement but also helps to build trust and gain credibility. As per the details availed from the research, it was found that 58% of shoppers believed that companies with product videos can be trusted more and are more reliable. Adding videos helps in building trust as the buyer can gain deeper insights about the product which compels them to make the purchase.

4. Include the feature of live chat

At times the customers face disconnected from the e-commerce websites as they don’t have anyone to address their queries. For such scenario, live chat is the best solution as it offers help to the potential customers and increases the conversions. It allows the business owners to build rapport with the customers and increases their sales. It increases the level of customer engagement and satisfaction. As per the survey was done by 63% respondents were more likely to return to a website that offers the feature of live chat. This feature can be wisely used to address the pain points of the visitors and convert them to regular customers.

5. Include clear product images

The images on the website are very important as the quality and type of image has a very high influence on the visitors. Pictures that are interesting are shared on social networks and increase the word of mouth. Moreover, image search is increasingly being used by shoppers to search the product online. Hence, to get maximum benefits websites should use more high-quality images and caption them with related keywords in the ALT tags. As per the Search Engine Journal, for an e-commerce site, 67% of shoppers stated that the quality of a product image is very important while selecting and purchasing a product.

6. Leverage the power of CRM

With the increase in online competition, it is becoming difficult for the firms to differentiate from the herd. Price is no longer a differentiating factor, instead, the shift has transformed towards customer service. Customers admire and opt for the brands that provide them personalized experiences. As per the survey, 56% of consumers say that they would be more inclined towards the retailer if it offered a good personalized experience. CRM is the tool designed to provide a personalized experience as it captures and stores all the details about the customer in a single place. CRM helps in identifying and classifying the customers based on their purchases and other behavior. It also aids in building the loyalty programs thereby increasing customer retention.

7. Include testimonials

Testimonials are a proven way to increase the sale. When a potential customer views the review of a satisfied customer than they are more likely to make a purchase. Many websites use testimonials on the home page to magnetize the shoppers. Sharing long and descriptive testimonials that share the story of the customers are more admired over the short testimonials. As per the survey, the longer testimonials result of an increase in sales by 11.3% as compared to the shorter ones. For better results, testimonials can be spread at all the pages of the website that can impact the buying decision.

8. Product descriptions

Product descriptions are one of the most important parameters to optimize the e-commerce website but are highly undervalued. Having a poor product description would eliminate the chances of getting the top 10 of a search engine query thereby reducing the website traffic. Even adding a high-quality image cannot compensate for the product description as images aren’t picked up by the search engines. Hence, it is mandatory to have unique content for the product description as it helps in SEO efforts and also attracts shoppers. Product descriptions should be kept simple but should be able to build an emotional connection.

Miele Coffee Machine Overview

9. Have speaking URLs

Speaking URLs are also commonly known as “keyword-friendly URLs”. The URL provides the details about the name of the product and it also looks more appealing. It helps to connect more with the shoppers as they can get an idea of what can be expected from the URL when they click on it. Moreover, it also increases the chances of getting on the top of search engine rankings as there are chances that the URL can be picked by another website and reposted. For example,, here the URL itself depicts the name of the book. Adopting speaking URL for all the products can make the profile unique for the search engine and help in optimization of the site.

10. Adopt a content strategy

Content marketing has become very popular these days owing to its multiple benefits. Adding unique and relevant content on the website not only adds additional value to the users but it also helps in search engine ranking. Adding content relevant to the product awakens the interest in the shoppers and increases visitor engagement. As per recent stats, 37% of marketing managers think that the most important channel for engaging the customers is content-led websites. Every e-commerce site is unique and hence they should try and implement the unique marketing strategy that suits them best.


There is a tremendous increase in competition and it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to increase sales. Companies cannot afford to make a single mistake and they should strive to make the online experience of the customer more pleasant and hassle-free. The above tips can be of great use in attracting new customers and providing great customer service.

Increasing sales and optimizing your e-commerce store with your customer service can be done using these 10 tips.


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