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NPS Tools: 9 Software for E-Commerce

Optimizing customer experience on the online site is one of the pain points that almost every ecommerce involvers face because of the analyzing complex data. But, thanks to the fascinating side of having an online site is all data from visitors can be collected. With NPS tools, you are able to understand the journey of customers and find out how likely your users are willing to promote your product or service to their audience.

What is NPS?

So, for those who haven’t heard about what’s NPS, Net Promote Score ,let’s dig a little the definition.

Roughly speaking, NPS is a customer experience and loyalty measurement method towards your brand. It shows the likelihood that your current customers would recommend your product or service to people in their audience. On the basis of the NPS, it simply asks “How likely you would recommend our company/product/service to your audience?” by using 0-10 scale. They rate your product/service and provide feedback in their own words.

Respondents are divided into three groups according to score of their answers;

9-10 Promoters are very eager to suggest your product or service. They are repeat buyers, act like an advocate of your brand and plays a great role in your growth.

7-8 Passives probably satisfied with your product/service but possibly change their mind and switch to a competitor’s offering if they could find a better experience or deal. They wouldn’t spread any negative word-of-mouth but are not so excited about your products or services to actually promote them.

0-6 Detractors are unhappy customers. This group spread more than 80 percent of negative word-of-mouth of total. They will probably churn and defect your product/service.

Next step is to calculate your overall NPS score. The only formula that you need to apply is;

Subtracting the percentage of promoters from the percentage of detractors.

Let’s give a simple example;

Consider that your company has %60 Promoters, %30 Passives, %10 Detractors. Then the result of your NPS score is; Promoters (%60) – Detractors (%10) = %50


Your job doesn’t end by calculating the NPS score and dividing three groups. Now it is time to move on rapidly, take action and grow. These three segments have different experiences, needs and all have to be treated separately. You have to customize NPS follow-ups and create segmented funnels to convert them into leads. And don’t forget! your detractors can become your best ambassadors. If you achieve this transformation and put in a sustainable format, you will experience growth avalanche.

You can fully automate the NPS process with a number of tools. While the most common way to run the surveys is through email, certain tools provide alternative delivery methods like the web and in-app popups.

Let’s see 9 useful tools to use for your ecommerce store helps you to proactively reduce churns and drive growth.

ekran-resmi-2017-01-05-140302 allows you to collect scores from your customers via fully customizable emails. You can craft unique emails by customizing sender’s email address, subject line, logo, brief description and the actual NPS question you are asking.

Where localization gains importance in the manner of optimizing customer experience, lets you create emails in different 27 languages.

Another feature that helps users is that they can engage directly with customers inside the tool.

You can sign up and send your first 250 surveys for free. Paid plans start at $100/mo for 2.500 surveys with their most popular plan around $250/mo for 10,000 surveys.



The most distinctive feature of Wootric gives its users the flexibility of choosing the delivery method of NPS meaning- via mail, appear within your website or application. It also has an API, customizable surveys, internationalization, and integrations. If you need plenty of features and flexibility, that NPS tool is completely for you.

The most basic plan is for free but the answers that you collected is not visible after 15 days. The paid plan starts with $89/mo.



Seamlessly quick and easy-to-deploy NPS tool Delighted promises its customer to reach real customers’ feedbacks in minutes and lets its users act instantly towards the feedbacks. It has also API feature and great variety of tool integration-Shopify, Salesforce, Geckoboard, Zapier, Zendesk, Slack, Desk, Intercom and much more.

Delighted’s pricing and starts at $25/mo for 100 email surveys. Also, you can send your first 250 surveys for free.



Usabilla offers continuous visual feedback from their users. With that feature, there is no need for guesswork. Moreover, it helps to discover the customer experience issues at right time. Usabilla also provides feedback button to reach your customers effectively. With this instant and the actionable method, you can effectively collect data and use it for optimization in order to increase conversions. Usabilla also offers solutions for email feedback and visual surveys.

Prices range from $49/mo to $119/mo.



AskNicely, a SaaS-based platform, increases customer retention and referrals by tracking the NPS on a daily basis. It promises the simple way to measure and improve customer happiness. AskNicely works with your CRM to automatically collect customer feedback with a simple one-question email survey based on NPS score. It helps to listen to your customers in real time, detect unsatisfied customers before they churn. You can start sending surveys in minutes without IT experience.

AskNicely’s pricing starts at $49/mo for 500 surveys.

Hello Customer


Hello Customer helps you to understand of your customer experience by offering a highly intelligent feedback platform with text analysis engine. Its features contain real-time alerts- whenever you get a bad score from a customer before they share on social media, various feedback channels and the ability to benchmark. If you want to get some actionable insights from your data, Hello Customer might fit you.



SatisMeter is a NPS tool that helps collect customer feedback directly inside mobile, web or via mail. Like other NPS tools, SatisMeter allows to see customer reviews instantly and let you make your decisions based on fresh data. You can reduce churn by solving customer issues, validate product priorities based on your customers’ feedback and measure satisfaction of your customers.

The first 100 responses are for free. Paid plan starts at $49/mo.



CloudCherry is an omni-channel customer experience management and feedback software that helps you to discover actionable insights by mapping customer journey across multiple touchpoints. Providing complete solution for large enterprises and SME’s, CloudCherry aims to maximize brand’s performance, improve customer retention, loyalty, and profitability. Besides e-commerce companies can track their NPS scores -the worldwide standard for measuring loyalty- CloudCherry also enables brands to delight their customers through the Customer Delight Meter Score – a unique score designed by CloudCherry.

With free plan, you get 50 responses. You must contact to sales rep to get custom prices for upgraded plans.



Hotjar enables e-commerce businesses to see how visitors actually experience the website. By collecting visual feedback and analyzing the actual data, brands can easily identify the areas that need to be improved and optimize them in order to improve website conversions. Hotjar is a beautifully easy-to-use tool to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. Moreover, it provides feedback polls and surveys to collect deeper insights from your customers.

The most basic plan is for free with 2.000 page views/day. Paid plan starts at €29 / month with 10,000 pageviews/day.

Every tool has different distinctive feature but the main point is The key for each tool is to have an actionable insight from using it. We tried to outline the best NPS tools for ecommerce businesses and what actionable data learned from them.



Lisa Abbott

Hey Mert, thanks for including Wootric in this NPS software roundup!

FYI, our Free plan customers can track their NPS and retain all customer feedback forever (no 15 day cap).

More details here:

Thanks again! 🙂


Hi Mert,

These are some great NPS tools that you’ve included in your article.

Another one that hasn’t been mentioned is Retently: (Disclaimer: I work at Retently).

Retently focuses exclusively on the NPS metric and offers a highly customizable tool for sending NPS surveys either in-app or via email. You can also connect Retently to various tools such as Zapier, Intercom, Mailchimp, Slack and more. Retently aims to close the feedback loop by allowing businesses to act on the feedback received from customers and reduce churn.

No credit card is required to sign up for a 7-day Free Trial, which you can use to survey up to 100 customers. Pricing starts at $35/mo.

We’d be thankful if you tried Retently out and let us know your feedback!

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